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The experience of reading books may be available to everyone, but only some things are appropriate for everyone. Let’s look into what being a ‘mature reader’ really means.

We want to enhance reading comprehension and develop mature readers. Each category must be clearly defined, particularly on the life stages corresponding to reader maturity levels. Age-appropriate media exists for a reason, and it is clearly stated in every packaging for potential consumers.

We may be able to recognize what books are meant for children and adults. However, the lines become blurry when it’s about Young Adults (YA) or Mature 18+ novels. That is incredibly complicated in the realm of science fiction since a lot of kids love the genre immensely. It’s challenging to determine what should be good or bad for children to consume; that’s why a clear distinction has to be made here.

The Shadowed Stars Universe: An epic sci-fi book series

Man of us has read abundant science fiction literature for a long time. But what if we tell you that there is a specific book that caters to mature audiences only?

That is where The Shadowed Stars Universe by Steven Koutzkicks in. Looking for adult science fiction may not be accessible at times because of the established significant franchises that took the world by storm. Additionally, sci-fi does its best in creating a blanket universe featuring a hero versus villain trope. There’s also the effort to make the plot as audience friendly and thrilling as possible.

It is a fantastic feat, but here lies the problem. A writer can feel limited by the material given to them since the readers’ maturity levels must be considered. Luckily for Steven Koutz, The Shadowed Stars Universe allowed him to unleash his creativity, laced with mature themes. Whether it’s graphic language, sex, and violence, readers are in for a unique sci-fi read that no one should sleep on!

Characteristics of mature readers

Let’s deviate from the typical meaning of ‘mature readers’ for a bit and focus on how mature readers behave now that they have reached a point where their priorities in reading are different. Any books containing mature themes which should be out of children’s reach are common knowledge. However, we’re going to redefine what a mature reader means.

1. They stop demanding from authors.

This scenario predominantly exists online. Thousands of user audiences who get to interact closely with authors on several reading platforms. There needs to be a self-assessment of how readers should act regarding when an author releases chapters, sequels, and other adaptations like movies and series.

A sign that you have reached the stage of being a mature reader is when you understand that authors are human, too. They have their own lives outside their work, and their energy shouldn’t be centered around you. While they may be unable to update their readers as much as they want, mature readers understand that authors need room to breathe to maintain and produce better works.

2. They have read numerous genres until they eventually stick to a few.

Mature readers are people with already acquired tastes from reading countless genres. You may have started with fantasy, fairy tales, and fables as a child. But as you grow, your preferences expand. They lead you to read more complex genres like science fiction, young adult, psychological thrillers, and sexual literature. The good thing about books like The Shadowed Stars Universe is the perfect balance of those themes, which cater to a mature reader.

3. Takes pleasure in books that significantly reflect life

We all love an excellent escapist literary masterpiece. But sometimes, we want to be taken back on the ground for a reality check. Even with fiction books, authors should actively study the plot and theme they’re going for, especially when their target audience is mature readers who enjoy reading works similar to real-life experiences.

What makes The Shadowed Stars Universe distinctively fantastic is its gloomy tone that makes mature readers feel seen. It also takes them into the uncharted territory of science fiction. Mr. Koutz manages to imbue complex characters, technology, and aesthetics which paint a vivid picture of how a perfect literary experience should be for a mature reader.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on what a mature reader means is necessary for an individual to reflect on how far they’ve come with their reading tastes. There’s no shame in being consistent with what you like reading from the moment you learn how to read. But elevating the mature reader experience with a book like The Shadowed Stars Universe may be a start for you to broaden your horizons.