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There are lots of reasons why appearance doesn’t matter, but one of the simplest ones among them is the simple fact that beauty isn’t just something that’s skin-deep.

Chris Cochrane, author of “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-button Snooter,” aims to teach children the value of not judging things simply from their appearance. It’s a children’s book about physical appearances by Chris Cochrane that every parent and child should have. The book is certainly worthy of gracing every household’s bookshelf with its presence.

But why exactly is the importance of appearance actually not as valuable as we think it is? Let’s go ahead and find out!

Personality Is More Valuable Than One’s Looks

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that people should just abandon caring for their looks. When we do an excellent job of making ourselves look handsome or pretty is a good feeling, after all. While good looks will make us physically attractive, our personality makes people stay by our side.

Many different aspects influence a better personality, and personality is highly significant. Even though appearances and personality are closely related, they belong to two distinct categories. We can think of them as the parallels of inner and outer beauty.

Inner beauty, or a person’s thoughts and attitudes, is referred to as personality. Outer beauty refers to a person’s external physical look.

Why Physical Appearance Isn’t Everything That Matters?

A person should never be evaluated solely on the basis of their appearance. Our natural physical appearance—our body shape, our height, the color of our eyes, etc—is something we didn’t choose. But there are ways a person can appear attractive in numerous, such as through clothing, makeup, and surgery.

However, while physical appearance is a factor in attraction, it’s a person’s personality that matters the most in the long run.

Why Is Personality More Valuable Than a Person’s Looks?

One of the main reasons why appearance doesn’t matter is because we can easily mask or alter it. Like the previous line we mentioned, people can just wear makeup or get surgery to change their appearance. Personality, on the other hand, takes much more work to develop.

In the children’s book about physical appearances by Chris Cochrane, the tale focuses on teaching kids the value of knowing the importance of someone’s personality. Similar to the book’s title, the story focuses on the Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter. Now, the creature may look weird, but it’s actually a force good that’s been secretly helping Olivia, Caroline, and their Father.

“The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-button Snooter” is a story that shows that personality is more important than looks. It also has an important message to deliver: that every child shouldn’t judge others merely based on their own.

Getting to Know More Children’s Books About Physical Appearances

Believe it or not, children are actually very perceptive. They can easily emulate actions that they see from adults and get them ingrained in their personality. With that in mind, kids need to have amazing books they can read that challenge beauty stereotypes.

Here’s a couple of those books:

  • Joanna Ho and Dung Ho’s “Eyes that Kiss in the Corners”
  • Ashley Franklin and Ebony Glenn’s “Not Quite Snow White”
  • Jessica Sanders and Carol Rossetti’s “Love Your Body”

Don’t Neglect These Reasons Why Appearance Doesn’t Matter

Every child deserves the opportunity to understand that appearance isn’t always the most important thing. It’s why the children’s book about physical appearances by Chris Cochrane is such a vital piece of literature that kids can benefit from.

Grab a copy of “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-button Snooter” today by visiting Chris Cochrane’s website at Read some of our other blog posts, too, and learn why we should encourage children to be altruistic!