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If you’re wondering, “Why choose trains?” there’s a pretty good reason why it popped up in your head: you’re probably sick and tired of our inefficient ways of commuting.

Stephen Lloyd Auslender, author of The Streamlined Locomotive, is well aware of why people would opt for trains. His book focuses on transport-themed storytelling centered around one man’s goal of creating a streamlined steam engine. An engine that will be his ticket to retaining his value, status, and position in the wealthy family he was born in. But can he make such a machine?

Readers will certainly find the gripping tale compelling and fun to read, but today, we’re here to talk about trains. Specifically, the benefits one can get from traveling by train.

Advantage #1: You Can Drop Off in the Heart of Cities, Like in Transportation Themed Storytelling

The majority of city train stations are located in the town center. From airports, which are frequently located far outside of town, no transfers are required. Arrive in style and get off the train at your intended location.

Furthermore, you avoid adding to the main traffic issues in most cities if you don’t own a car. You can avoid worrying about parking or driving in the center of an unknown city by using a tram, Uber, or cab. Observing the driving style in places like Rome and Paris, people wouldn’t even think of driving.

Advantage #2: Sleeper Trains in Transportation Adventure Stories Are Real

There are numerous night trains available in the world. If you can’t sleep on a flight, board the sleeper train and purchase a compartment. Instead of arriving at your destination exhausted and dehydrated from an overnight flight, wake up renewed.

Now, the journey won’t always be smooth. You’ll probably get some bumps here and there. However, it won’t be as scary as having turbulence while you’re flying at 38,000 feet!

Train compartments with double beds, toilets, and, on certain luxurious train journeys, baths, are often more comfortable than those on flights!

Advantage #3: Trains Are Eco-Friendly, Like Those in Transportation Science Fiction Stories

Traveling by rail is often a more environmentally beneficial and sustainable option than driving a car or flying an airline. Compared to vehicles and planes, they consume 30% and 20% less energy per passenger mile, respectively. Train operators worldwide are always looking for methods to make taking a train a very sustainable mode of transportation.

The green choice is always to ride the train since it emits less noise, uses less energy, and is considerably more environmentally friendly regarding CO2 emissions. If you’re looking for a good answer to the question, “Why choose trains?” this is a good one. Transport-themed storytelling should showcase this advantage of train travel more.

Advantage #4: There Are No Limits to the Number of Luggage You Can Bring

Do you find it difficult to pack all you need into a 20 kg suitcase? You can bring any amount of luggage you like when you take the train. However, we suggest that if you have a lot of luggage, carefully consider how you will handle it if you must change trains.

Advantage #5: There’s No Need to Wait for Hours on End

No lingering at the airport for three hours. When you go to the train station, board the train! The check-in process is not as lengthy or uncomfortable as at the airport, even if you use a sleeper service.

And although your vacation officially begins when you get off the airport, the trip on the train is included in the vacation! Recline, unwind, and take in the scenery. As you travel, you may take in the breathtaking vistas and the passing landscape rather than endless empty skies.

You won’t be able to enjoy these kinds of sceneries while flying, which gives trains their unique benefit.

Stop Wondering “Why Choose Trains?” and Board Trains Now

It’s time to stop thinking about why you should select trains and start boarding them today. You’re going to need to take a book with you, and Stephen Lloyd Auslender’s transport-themed storytelling book is perfect.

Purchase The Streamlined Locomotive by visiting Stephen’s website at Check out our other blogs, too, and read a book review of The Streamlined Locomotive by Stephen Lloyd Auslender!