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Daring to explore the thrilling realms of childhood imaginations and wondering why do kids like pirates and why it’s happening on such a global scale?

Patrick Pickett, author of “Franklin the Fearless and His Greatest Treasure,” plays into every child’s fantasy of being a pirate. The book contains a wealth of timely lessons. Each lesson is designed to instill in young children the importance of mothers’ sacrifices and love for their families.

Now, let’s go ahead and uncover the numerous reasons why children are so fascinated with pirates and why they fantasize about becoming one: beard, accent, peg leg, and all!

Why Do Kids Like Pirates In the First Place?

An entertaining pirate adventure has long been a favorite among kids and adults alike. The fabled tales of looting from the high seas, with infamous treasure-seeking criminals who frequently had limbs amputated, and a penchant for rum and women all sound so exciting.

Our idealized image of pirates isn’t entirely accurate. It doesn’t translate to the amiable pirates in children’s television programs.

At sea, pirates ambushed and looted ships; in reality, there are still pirates today in some regions of the world. However, despite pirates being less-than-agreeable individuals, there are some good traits that people were able to discover.

Of course, finding hidden treasure, using a map to find hidden treasure, and forcing one another to walk the plank are all very enjoyable activities. Pirates are so popular that there is now a national holiday called Pirate Day.

We can also take some lessons from the past of piracy. Pirates typically originated from the lowest strata of society and continue to do so. These are people who have no other options and are fighting against injustice in the dark.

Why Did Pirates Become So Popular With Everybody?

Pirates have long piqued people’s interest. When you were securely on dry land, you could easily become enthralled with these seafaring criminals. The original Treasure Island story was written in 1883, but books about pirates dating back to 1724 included interviews with actual pirates.

Answering the question, “Why do kids like pirates?” could easily be explained thanks to cinema. Large-scale films that portrayed renowned actors as ferocious pirates and popularized the tale of Peter Pan and Captain Hook have glorified piracy.

Freedom also plays a role in why pirates become so popular, and the promise of adventure can make a person feel great. It’s like feeling the constraints of society no longer affecting you. “Franklin the Fearless and His Greatest Treasure” helps explain what it is about pirates that our kids love.

Fun Facts Regarding Pirates for Children

These fun facts may also explain why kids are highly fascinated with pirates. Let’s examine a couple of them.

Fact #1: The Pets Pirates Kept – Pets were a common sight on pirate ships. Parrots seemed popular because they were colorful, entertaining, and could mimic human speech.

Fact #2: The Sea Is a Tough Mistress – Living on a pirate ship is not easy. In addition to illnesses and storms, pirates frequently experienced a shortage of clean water and food.

Fact #3: Cool-looking Pirate Flags – In order to terrify other sailors, pirates would fly frightening flags known as “Jolly Rogers” with frightening designs like skulls and crossbones.

Fact #4: Knowing What the Pirate Code Is – The “Pirate Code” was a set of guidelines that all pirates on board had to abide by. It included refraining from fighting on board and dividing the spoils equitably.

“Why Do Kids Like Pirates?” Is a Question That’s Now Been Answered

Now that you have an answer to this important question, it’s time to let your kids be kids. Let them be a pirate for a brief moment and let them sail off to grand adventures!

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