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Have you ever wondered, “Why should you transform your life?” If the world can be quite repetitive, monotonous, and safe—since similarity is familiarity and familiarity is good—why would we want to change?

Darlene Lorraine Gibson, author of One Woman’s Testimony of a Transformed Life, can help answer the question of why people should change for the better. They say that change is constant, but if you use that phrase on a human, it isn’t always easy. Humans have the capability to refuse ideas or concepts, making them consciously avoid change.

Today, we’re here to encourage change (the good kind of change) by listing inspirational reasons that show why change is, overall, good.

Reason #1: Change Provides Excitement and Adventure, Just Like in the Book of One Woman’s Testimony of a Transformed Life

With all of the things occupying our time and minds, it can get absurdly easy to be drawn into the gaping maw of the “daily grind” mindset. Our life then turns into a routine of waking up, getting ready for work, coming home from work, finishing house chores, eating dinner, and then scrolling through our phones in bed until we pass out from sleepiness.

If we wish to keep some aspects of our lives interesting, then we should make changes that provide us with an exciting result. We can do this by planning new activities every weekend, trying something we’ve never done, taking lessons to learn a new skill, and more.

The simple act of opening ourselves to new experiences can cause us great joy and bring all sorts of elation to our lives.

Reason #2: Change Within Can Help You Grow to a Better Person to Live a Transformed Life

Instead of asking ourselves in the mirror, “Why should you transform your life?” We should ask, “What would my life be like today if I had denied change and didn’t work to better some aspects of my life?”

Experiencing inner change helps people grow, which is something we should all be striving for. Becoming a better person is good, after all, which can be seen in Darlene Lorraine Gibson’s One Woman’s Testimony of a Transformed.

A person who decides to actively work on improving their life and themselves is more likely to keep their motivations. They’re more likely to stick to their goals and make them happen. And that’s from learning how to transform your life.

Reason #3: By Learning to Accept Change, We Can Become More Emotionally Powerful and Become an Inspiring Story

When you’re still starting off, the idea of change may seem like an extremely scary concept. This is because of the near-limitless amount of unknowns that could hurt us on the other side of change.

However, once you’ve experienced what change is and what it feels like numerous times, you realize it isn’t as bad as you thought. After this realization, you’ll then be more confident about change being a positive thing.

As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” especially for change. You’re now stronger, wiser, and tougher because you are aware that you have all the tools within you to handle any problem.

Reason #4: Change Lets Us Move Forward and Experience New Things in Life

If we fail to work on bettering ourselves, our lives can quickly turn stagnant. Acquiring new skills or genuinely working on yourself can bring out changes you never thought were possible. One of the most important things to remember is that you should be open to change. Also, don’t forget to do something that gives you the feeling of being alive.

“Why Should You Transform Your Life?” You Change It for the Better

Transformation should come from ourselves. Sure, we can let other factors motivate our reasons, but at the end of the day, it must ultimately come from ourselves. And it must come from a place of wanting to become better.

If you want to know more about someone transforming their life, buy a copy of One Woman’s Testimony of a Transformed Life by Darlene Lorraine Gibson.

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