This International Women’s Month, we honor Caroleann Rice and her contributions to literature.

ReadersMagnet is always proud of authors who have managed to pursue their dreams and share them with others despite their very own personal challenges. In celebration of International Women’s Month, we also pay tribute to the mothers who, despite motherhood demands, have found time to share their stories and push through with their literary journeys. Today, we will celebrate a single mother and an exceptional children’s book writer. Caroleann Rice is no stranger to ReadersMagnet. However, now is a great time to reintroduce her to our readers and revisit her wonderful body of works.

Who is Caroleann Rice?

Caroleann Rice is a mother, a chaplain, and a published children’s illustrated book author. She has two grown children, Kevin and Colleen. Caroleann Rice’s husband passed away when she was only thirty-three, leaving her to raise their two kids. Having been widowed early, Caroleann had to face many of life’s obstacles by herself, with her children as her inspiration. It also changed their lives and propelled her to new heights and challenges, according to her.

Faith and writing greatly helped Caroleann overcome many of life’s trials. As a chaplain, she ministers a Wednesday night prayer group called “The Women of the Well” and for 14 years have hosted the sessions regularly in her home. Writing also provided Caroleann a venue to express her faith and her thoughts. Through her writings, she can convey messages and ideas to her readers, especially messages of hope and inspiration.

As a mother and a grandmother to Colleen’s twin daughters, Madison and Paige, Caroleann spends most of her time with her family. Aside from family, Caroleann enjoys music, traveling, cooking, and her greatest passion is writing. To date, Caroleann Rice has three published works under her name.

Works by Caroleann Rice

Caroleann Rice’s works are all children’s illustrated books that feature animal characters. One main character that features prominently in all her works is Solomon the Snail, a wise creature whom the other animals turn to for wisdom and advice.

The Song of Solomon the Snail 

The Song of Solomon the Snail is Rice’s first major work that was published in 2017. This unique children’s story features certain biblical allusions (King Solomon the Wise). Here, we meet Solomon, a wise and all-knowing snail that the other animals look for wisdom and advice. The animals also seek Solomon and request him to settle disputes and other concerns. As the wisest among other animals, Solomon likes to travel and interacts with the community, Solomon the Snail cruises slowly and likes to take his time singing his songs. His shell serves as a retreat and home to a secret voice he consults whenever someone asks him for answers. Solomon considers the voice as his secret friend- the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love (God). Clearly, Solomon the Snail exudes wisdom and reason, just like the famous king in the Bible.

The Ladybug and the Bully Frog (2018)

Caroleann Rice’s second book is The Lady and the Bully Frog, published in 2018. In this book, we learned of a community of animals living near a pond. Everyone in the pond is friends with everybody. However, the peace is one day disturbed by a bully frog named Milton. Milton’s presence makes the other animal hesitant to play in the fond because of his mean attitude. All the other animals agreed to seek Solomon the Snail. Solomon the Snail is the wisest among all the other animals, and they hope he could intervene on their behalf. To reach Solomon, someone would have to fly over past Milton. There is only one who can do that- Mrs. Ladybug. Clover the Rabbit then decides to call for Mrs. Ladybug, also known as Dot, to her friends.

Solomon Snail Goes to the Beach (2021)

The latest installment of the Solomon the Snail books Solomon Snail Goes to the Beach. The book was published in 202 and still features the wise and friendly Solomon the Snail. This time, Solomon’s help is enlisted by the Crabby brothers based on the recommendation of good Old Bill, who is known to others as generous and kind. Their concern has something to do with Big Bill Pelican. It appears that the pesky Buzz Seagull and his brother Speedy are annoying everyone at the Crabby Shack. They are swooping down, attempting to grab the food from the customers. For this stir, Solomon must be careful. Hence he consults his ever-reliable friend, the Wondrous Voice of Love.

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