Gabriella Eva Nagy shares her talents in art and literature through her amazing children’s picture books.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, ReadersMagnet features some of the exemplary modern women authors today. They are female writers whose works have provided us with entertainment, guide, inspiration, and wisdom, among many others. Today, we are going to feature a modern children’s books author named Gabriella Eva Nagy. Her works in and outside of literature have impacted the lives of young readers. In the past, we have featured some of her works. We are going to revisit them as well as get to know more about the writer, the artist, and the woman that is Gabriella Eva Nagy.

Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy is an American writer, visual artist, and children’s advocate. Nagy was born and raised in Hungary and moved to the United States. She has a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Physics and Technology. Gabriella Eva Nagy ventured into the arts and later pursued an education learning computer technology, illustration, and multimedia. She earned an associate in Computer Animation and Multimedia at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. The knowledge and skills in visual arts, multimedia, and story became her true passion. Gabriella Eva Nagy would later embark on a literary journey that will change her life forever and the children who will get to know her life’s works. Nagy’s experience in the field of arts and design also includes the School Board of Broward County: A project for educational computer-based training. They work with writers, programmers, and animators by creating a flowchart, storyboard, and prototype for five multimedia CDs, producing a TV commercial. They also create images for web design and book composition, data entry, editing, and layout design.

Gabriella Eva Nagy is more than a female author with a talent for visual arts and storytelling. She also passionate about children and is, in fact, a children’s welfare advocate. Gabriella Eva Nagy is currently the director of the non-profit organization called is a multicultural platform that advocates Christian values through creative outlets. Reflections make use of visual art, literature, and multimedia to engage young readers and teach them good values. 

Art and Literature

As of this writing, Gabriella Eva Nagy has published over twenty children’s illustrated books since 2014. Some of her remarkable children’s picture books include Lady, Lady Bug(2014)Into the Valley of Lilies (2014), Swan Dance (2015), Tea Rose Garden (2015), The Island of Pearls (2016), The Land of Poppies (2016), Moonlight Dance (2018), and Straight Lullaby (2018). The talented author also published a series of books about seasons in 2017- Winter DreamsSummer BreezeAutumn RainbowsRustle of Spring, and Seasons. One of Gabriella Eva Nagy’s most renowned works is Enchanted Rainbows, published in 2018. Aside from Enchanted Rainbows, her recent books include The Island of the Sun (2018), The Dancing Butterflies (2019), and Sweet Dreams, Ladybug! (2020). 

Gabriella Eva Nagy has always been consistent and original about her collection of children’s illustrated books. Shiny and vibrant colors characterize them. Most of Nagy’s subjects are about nature and animals and natural landscapes. Readers can easily distinguish Gabriella Eva Nagy’s brand because they feature bright outdoor sceneries such as gardens, streams, forests, meadows, mountains, rivers, and the cold, beautiful artic (Moonlight Dance, Starlight Lullaby, and Winter Dreams). The books’ characters are mostly animals such as butterflies, insects, marine life, penguins, and birds. 

Another thing that separates Nagy’s art and books apart from other children’s illustrated books is her visual images’ style and quality. While many kid’s books contain pictures rendered in 2D flat colors, Gabriella does her illustrations using a rich palette of shiny, shimmering, vibrant colors. She also renders her own style in terms of composition, perspective, and angles.

Indeed, the young author has carved a unique brand of children’s illustrated books that children love.

When not busy with writing and advocacy, Gabriella Eva Nagy also attends book fairs and events. She participated in the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and the 2019 Miami Book Fair, where she met up with fans and had a great time.