As part of International Women’s Month, ReadersMagnet celebrates Patricia Gummeson and her work.

Women storytellers are always interesting, not only because of their narratives but also because of how they tell stories. Whether it is a memoir, fiction, nonfiction, or even children’s stories, women writers possess certain uniqueness in their works of literature. Today, as part of our month-long celebration of International Women’s Day, we will be featuring one of the familiar female writers in our ReadersMagnet community, Patricia Gummeson. Patricia Gummeson is a children’s illustrated book author, a mother, a hobbyist, a businesswoman, and an artist.

Family and Personal Stuff 

Patricia Gummeson has three children, four grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren, and a great-great-grandmother to a child. Patricia loves to write and tell stories to her grandchildren. Aside from spending time with her big family, Patricia Gummeson enjoys doing several things, and most of them have to do with art and handicrafts. Patricia Gummeson runs a home-based business, and this setup has enabled her to pursue her other interests and activities. Patricia is into handicrafts such including sewing, quilting, ribbon embroidery, knitting, and crocheting. She also does jewelry making, flower arrangements, and painting.

Patricia Gummeson is also knowledgeable in the creation of porcelain dolls and figurines from scratch. In fact, she has won a multitude of blue ribbons for first place and ‘best of the show’ in porcelain and ceramic shows in the past.

A Life of Art and Literature

Patricia Gummeson’s passion for the arts is not limited to handicrafts and visual art. Patricia Gummeson’s mastery lies in telling stories. To date, there are already five published fantasy books for children under 10 by Patricia Gummeson. In October 2017, Gummeson published her first-ever children’s book entitled Lizzie and Leopold. This 24-page storybook is all about children’s fantasies of fairies and dragons. Lizzie and Leopold are Patricia’s imaginary friends. The two love to spend time in Pat’s grandma’s secret garden and talking about other people in the neighborhood. Lizzie and Leopold have introduced her to their other garden friends, and they talk mostly about their lives in the garden. The book is written through a child’s eyes, enjoying imaginary friendships, just like many of us did when we were young. After her breakthrough, Patricia Gummeson released two more books that year, Cecile and Cedric and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree (November), and Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo (December). Cecile and Cedric and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree is a Christmas story that features two curious cats. Cecil and Cedric, whose curiosity and frantic antics is the main topic of this funny and heartwarming Christmas tale. Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo is another Christmas storybook that follows the story of Charlie and his choo-choo train. The story is about a young boy wishing for a gift from Santa for Christmas.

In 2018, Patricia Gummeson published Regis and Reggie. According to Patricia, 

“(the) story of Regis and Reggie is about some new friends found on the other side of the levy behind the garden. A new treehouse built by my grandpa is way up in the branches of the big oak tree in the garden. I can see forever from up here and have discovered a whole new set of friends along the river. Regis and Reggie are mischievous little raccoons who get into all kinds of situations and will give the reader a chuckle and a hoot of pleasure getting to know them.”

The latest work by Patricia Gummeson is the book, Bonnie and Clyde. Though the title rings a bell because of the many past works related to the criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, Patricia Gummeson’s 2019 storybook is not to be confused with any relation to the said characters. Gummeson’s Bonnie and Clyde is a cute and heartwarming story about two adorable hamsters. In the book, Patricia Gummeson narrates how these two little furry creatures have captured the hearts of their owners. Despite their antics and occasionally finding themselves in little mischiefs, these two hamsters have certainly found a cozy home where they feel loved and sheltered.

To know more about Patricia Gummeson and her works, check out her books or visit her author website today.