Photo by Alexander Stemplewski

To free themselves from the lifelong effects of negative experiences, people seek to achieve inner healing. There are various journeys to take toward this, including working with Aphrodite.

Spirituality offers various healing opportunities. After all, if there’s any aspect in life that’s in tune with one’s sense of inner self, it would be spirituality. When it’s imbalanced, everything can quickly become weaker and fall apart. One’s spiritual condition may be an anchor or glue, holding one’s wholeness and general well-being together.

Spiritual practices tap into achiever balance and peace within the self. These help empower people, giving them a sense of self-control and a better understanding of the self. These are crucial factors in healing personal wounds and growing from experiences. People achieve inner healing through their efforts and determination. Hence, they must learn to work with their spirituality to gain a sense of comfort, overall wholeness, and well-being.

Spirituality isn’t relatively discussed and associated with healing, given the rise of modern and fun ways of achieving so. However, this doesn’t mean these practices are lacking in society.

One of the most popular spiritual or religious practices people observe is Shamanism. It’s a spiritual practice where people lean toward communication with spirits and souls for healing. This practice believes people may be assisted by spirit beings toward healing or achieving clarity in life. Most shamans or practitioners can provide excellent self-help guides for inner healing through Shamanism.

Inner Healing Through Connections

In a similar light to Shamanism, where people communicate with spirits, inner healing may also be achieved through working with gods and goddesses like Aphrodite. Known as the Goddess of love, sexuality, and beauty, working with Aphrodite helps one strengthen and achieve self-love. And obviously, this is a crucial factor for one’s inner healing.

Connecting or learning more about her teaches people about self-control. She holds herself in charge of her life and nobody else. Without straying away from her self-respect, Aphrodite prioritizes herself above others. She is independent, someone who wouldn’t allow others’ words or opinions about her to sway her.

Working with Aphrodite helps people achieve all of this. It helps them create a definite sense of self that they’d learn to move through negative experiences. People who realize they have complete control won’t allow these events to mold their lives. Instead, they’d work through these and find ways to enhance their lives.

Working with Aphrodite sounds fun, but how does one do it?

Effectively Working With Aphrodite

The whole process sounds like something from a fantasy movie. When one hears the term “working with Aphrodite,” it’s easy to imagine a séance. It’s tough working or communicating with someone that’s long been gone or someone that may not even exist.

However, working with Aphrodite is more about honoring oneself with elaborate rituals. This is why one invites the Goddess in their lives – to bring in more self-love energy.

Invest in Some Sacred Bath Time

Bath is, by far, the most relaxing activity one can do daily. This doesn’t need much investment or purchases (save for a comfortable bathtub). A serene bath time is an Aphrodite-centric activity, especially when rose-related elements are incorporated within it.

For starters, rose petals in the water or using rosewater is the vibe. Roses are sacred to Aphrodite. If there’s anything that would likely attract her energy, it’s incorporating roses. Once at the most serene moment, people can ask the Goddess to wash away negativity from their minds and life. Negativity builds up. They also need a daily release.

Create a Self-Love Playlist

This sounds mundane and, perhaps, borderline useless. But the music one listens can reflect and affect their vibrations, influencing their mood and mindset. Romance is essential in working with Aphrodite. The Goddess is the embodiment of love. There’s no better way to be closer to her in energy than exposing oneself to love.

Romance or feel-good songs can also help release negativity in people’s minds. Choose to consume pleasant songs or background music mainly. This elevates one’s mind to attract or only welcome positive thoughts.

Learn About Romance

Romance is a broad topic. It encompasses a lot of subtopics that don’t only revolve around relationships but also platonic connections. Exploring romance-related makes it easy for everyone to entertain the idea and practice activities that align with Aphrodite’s values. The more people learn about romance, the better they’ll handle relationship problems. They’ll also be able to embrace themselves fully.