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This is a story of how a girl’s aspiration to please God and choose His will for her life put her through many challenges and trials and how Surrendering Can Lead To Real Freedom.

Carrie Underwood had the right idea. When everything is going right, and you feel like your hands are on the wheel, it is easy to obliterate that there is a much grander plan for your life. When you think you know where you are going, it is hard to admit when you are lost and need help. God is patiently waiting for you to let Him help you find your way. All you have to do is ask someone for directions. (And trust me, life is much easier when guided by the Light of the world.)

This is how Yelena Borichevska survived when she let God write her story.

About The Book: She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevzka

Faith has been known to move mountains. It is through faith that people have been able to achieve the impossible. Through faith, an invisible being can steer command of the ship that is a human’s life. When people surrender their life to God, they are lifted upwards and led toward eternal salvation. 

Yet the question remains when God offers to write your story, will you let Him?

Yelena has always been a devout believer in God. Ever since she was in high school, she was already part of a church and had been practicing his teachings and applying it to her daily life. Through her faith, she sat down and wrote a book about a person who handed the reins of her life to God. Yelena sat down for an interview with Readers Magnet, describing She Let God Write Her Story, the fictional book she authored based on her life.

When Yelen was 17 years old in 2001, her entire family moved to Vancouver, USA, from Ukraine shortly after the devastating incident on 9/11. Yelena sincerely hopes God uses her story to bless her readers with tons of encouragement. She hopes this book will remind you that while you are in the so-called “wonderland,” feeling like you are not where you ever wanted to be in your life or even feel like your life is wasted, God is hard at work writing your story.    

Further, Yelena also imparted through her book to keep doing the small things you have always tried to be faithful in. Such as going to work every day, cooking, taking care of your daily life, serving, taking a walk in your neighborhood, and just doing anything and everything else. Please know that the Heavenly Father has noticed every single thing, and you will be abundantly rewarded by Him here on earth and in eternity.

Author’s Bio

Yelena was raised and born in Rivne, Ukraine. She moved to the United States in Vancouver when she was about seventeen. Yelena has always considered herself blessed beyond limits because of being raised by her God-fearing and God-loving parents. Lena believes that believing in God’s perfect salvation plan through Jesus and having a close personal relationship with God can get anyone through any trials and challenges in life. She also believes that trials are an integral part of anyone’s life. This is allowed by God for a person to grow and exercise trust and dependence on Him as He desires to be your most incredible helper, advocate, and resource, which He achieves through the Holy Spirit if people let Him.

Yelena loves being a mom to Ashley, her daughter. She has five sisters, two brothers, six nieces, and thirteen nephews. For over a decade, Yelena worked in local health care, pouring her skills and love into co-workers and patients. Yelena runs a successful real estate business, which rewards her with finances she can share with those in need and happy clients, and she is working on reaching other goals and dreams that God has carved in her heart. Yelena loves spending time with her family, being in nature, traveling, rollerblading, reading, and positively impacting others, even if it is just giving them her smile.