Photo by Jordan Benton

Time is valuable; believe it or not, it’s the number one currency we spend entirely of our lives.

If it weren’t for the existence of time, everything that we see right now — the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe — wouldn’t be here. Time has the most crucial role to play in our lives. It is also the most practical and wonderful thing that we have.

Author and poet Brion K. Hanks understand how vital time truly is. In his new poem titled “A Trip Around the Sun,” he writes:

This particular sentiment for time is also found throughout his poetry book for all ages titled “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose Along The Road Before Me.” Brion fully understands that everything is born on time, grows throughout the mysterious flow, and dies when time has run out or is cut short.

Having lost a loved one and a friend, Brion understands that we have no command over time, nor is it sensical to criticize or analyze time. What matters is that we grasp the value of time and how we can efficiently manage it, lest we inadvertently cause time itself to impact our lives negatively.

Speaking of time and its effects, let’s go ahead and take a look at how time can affect every aspect of our lives and how Brion K. Hank’s new poem tackles it.

The Effect of Time in Everything and Everywhere

A person’s daily activities show how much they understand and value their time. How someone utilizes their time reveals what their priorities are. It showcases what is important to a particular individual in any given circumstance.

This explains why people often get mad or offended when someone shows up late for appointments or meetings. It tells them this person wastes their time and doesn’t take them seriously. Compare that to an individual who is always punctual or arrives early when needed, and it’s easy to see which one respects their time and the time of others more.

But don’t be too hard on yourself, though. All of us have wasted time at multiple points in our lives. What matters is that we can learn from our lapses and use the lesson to aid us in becoming more efficient with the time that we have in the future.

Within the verses of his new poem, Brion K. Hanks writes:

Let’s be open to answers coming our way,
Should we need to move beyond any fear.
To own what it is we do is to be true to
Our inner self during daily experiences.

He is saying here that as we traverse time on our terms and daily lives, we should be open to whatever answers time may toss at us along the way. We must also live and embody the truths our inner selves express daily. These lines tell us that an excellent way to spend our time efficiently is to have an open mind while being true to ourselves and everybody else.

“A Trip Around the Sun” Realizes and Celebrates the Value of Time

Brion K. Hank’s “A Trip Around the Sun,” along with his poetry book for all ages, realizes that time doesn’t put itself on hold to wait for anything or anyone. The lines:

A trip around the sun remains ongoing.
Grateful we can be for the travels we take.

Expresses that we don’t have the power to stop our planet’s yearly rotation around the sun and that the best we can do is to be grateful for our time. But the poet’s view is not a cynical or nihilistic one. It’s in respect and reverence for the unstoppable flow of time.

The last lines showcase Brion’s respect and reverence for the existence of time by celebrating our planet’s annual trip, saying:

May our annual trip be astonishing such
That we circle back to find a wiser self.
Making the most of a trip around the sun
Does underwrite our spiritual growth.

Giving time the respect and understanding it needs is essential to living our lives to the fullest. Brion K. Hank’s “A Trip Around the Sun” encourages us to spend our time wisely and to always look forward to the future.

If you want to read more poetry books for all ages by Brion K. Hanks, check out his “Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose Along The Road Before Me” and purchase your copy today!