Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata

Why is accountability so important to God? How are our actions in this life going to affect our eternal destination?

Here is biblical accountability: a day will come when everyone will stand before God and give an account of everything they did with their borrowed life on earth. The Bible also reminds us that we shall return to dust when our life ends. All of it, body and soul, will eventually return to God for judgment.

Why does biblical accountability matter to God?

This is a fundamental principle we often forget as stewards of this world. We become too preoccupied with temporary pleasures and achievements because we want to make our lives as fulfilled as possible. We begin to forget our commitment to serving God and take off the ways of the world that have closed our eyes to our real purpose in God.

Breaking off the blinders that hinder us from accountability 

Back when we hadn’t lived a life with blinders on, we didn’t take life as seriously as we should. We suddenly lose introspection when we become too self-absorbed in our way of life. The book “Life as God Intended” by Julius Mosley II teaches us that living life as God intended gives us a clearer vision of what we should be doing within this borrowed time. 

What is Biblical accountability, and how does it affect us?

In general, being accountable means taking responsibility for one’s actions. Part of accountability is making a conscious choice influenced by a few or more external factors to live life as God intended. Unfortunately, this is a characteristic that most people forget to embody since it’s easier to squirm our way out of trouble than face the consequences of our actions.

Whether in the secular world or the Biblical aspect, accountability is a virtue held in high regard. Our interactions with people around us also build up our credibility, which will be helpful. Sometimes our character will be questioned, and if we take accountability for our actions and decisions, we begin to create an honorable image.

Biblical accountability works similarly, especially when it’s one of the aspects that God requires us to uphold. Even though we may not be around much longer, that doesn’t excuse us from wasting our God-given time. Biblical accountability entails a deep understanding of what’s been given to us and how we can fulfill it to the best of our abilities.

Who should we be accountable to?

Identifying who we should be accountable to is a must. As people living in this world, we are accountable to God, ourselves, and others. We cannot exempt anyone in this scenario, as they bear weight regarding our choices and actions’ potential benefits and consequences.

To God, biblical accountability is a prerequisite to our devotion to Him, including confessing our shortcomings and acknowledging that we have been blind to the truth of eternity all this time. God is our lamppost, and he is the guide map from which we should take directions. He is our end goal after everything we’ve said and done in this life. Thus, we should be careful with how we act and treat others according to the principles taught by God.

Biblical accountability involves self-purification as well. When we consecrate ourselves to God’s will, we need to maintain the purity of our hearts since it is the root of all our good and evil desires. Apart from being pure, we must ensure that our daily work reflects God’s purpose. We need to remember what we’re here for to maintain our ability to be self-accountable.

Most importantly, protecting our integrity means being accountable to others. Why is it so? Biblical accountability is not only a thing between you and God. It also means valuing your words and actions around people closely watching you. However, it’s easy to pull off an act around them when they’re watching. Proper accountability lies in who you are when no one’s looking.

The consequences of lacking Biblical accountability

The world has tainted the true meaning of accountability, and it managed to creep into the biblical aspect. However, the Bible clearly emphasizes what it means and is according to God’s word. Unlike the worldly viewpoints that have spread far enough, Biblical accountability is not arbitrary. It simply tells us how to live according to God’s will.

When we lack accountability, it causes many problems that will drive a wedge between our relationship with God. Our freedom from a blinded life doesn’t grant us the carelessness that Biblical accountability speaks against. We must listen to God’s word and consistently build Godly integrity if we don’t want to put the blinders back on and deviate from God’s will.

Final Thoughts

Biblical accountability takes a lot of effort that must be exercised daily. We cannot expect to live as God intended and not follow his instruction manual. If we aim for eternal life with Him and be spared from eternal damnation, we must take accountability for our actions and never look back.