Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the past millennia, it would’ve been unbelievable but striking how Jesus’ Miracles created an impactful wave around where He was. 

The Bible contains stories about Jesus’ miracles throughout his earthly ministry. As parents, we want our children to learn about the wonders that the Lord did for His people. We want their young minds to recognize the power of having Jesus in their lives. And one of the ways to show that is by letting them read a story of Jesus healing the sick.

Another compelling read is the book Rockabye Jesus by Teresa Haven Pelinski. It highlights the way Jesus’ miracles extend to the children playing together as He watches over them. Your children need the proper guidance early in their lives, and Rockabye Jesus provides precisely that.

Besides Jesus watching over the children, He also assures them that their prayers will be heard. After all, it’s what children need more than anything. Parents and teachers can also pick up a lesson or two from reading this book, so everyone is encouraged to grab a copy!

Jesus’ Miracles Providing Assurance to Children

Children may be the most imaginative beings, but they’re also the simplest form of human beings. As they absorb their surroundings like a sponge, they, in turn, process everything until they simplify. Ironically, adults tend to complicate things, making life more challenging than it is. However, Jesus teaches us to be more like children, with complete trust and confidence in His power and wisdom.

Moreover, children are worth emulating in how they navigate the world. Their honesty, curiosity, and sense of wonder disappear as we grow. Jesus’ Miracles help influence children’s faith, so we must impart the Bible and its stories. Training a child early in accepting Christ in their lives will benefit them when they encounter hardships.

Children Believing That Jesus Loves Them

Christ’s awareness of the children’s hearts should be enough reason for us to also feel assured. As parents, we can trust His provision and protection over our children. In a world full of negative influences that will sway our children, they need a source of assurance that they are loved. Jesus provides precisely the type of love that the world doesn’t. Furthermore, He only wants what’s best for our kids. Jesus’ miracles often manifest through his all-encompassing love for them.

In addition to Jesus’ miracles physically impacting people’s lives, His wondrous works also include divine protection. Youngsters are easily preyed upon due to their capacity to simplify things. They’re constantly in danger without Jesus’ love protecting their innocent and vulnerable hearts. However, Jesus’ miracles show our kids He is worth leaning on.

Getting Our Children Closer to Jesus

It’s not a secret that Jesus can still do miracles until now. It’s just that He’s not physically walking on Earth anymore. However, Jesus’ miracles can still manifest through us parents, who are directly responsible for our children’s well-being. It’s never too early to mold them in Christ-likeness and teach them the gospel’s truth. As a result, they grow up into well-rounded and faithful individuals.

Reading positively influential books like Rockabye Jesus helps create a bond between you and your child. Starting traditions together, especially when it involves Jesus and the Bible, will strengthen their relationship with the Lord. They will ultimately feel a sense of belonging and assurance, knowing that Jesus’ miracles have impacted their lives to a degree. Furthermore, we parents also understand how Jesus works in our children’s lives.

Final Thoughts

Our children are the best things that happen in our lives. We only want what’s best for them, including their spiritual welfare. These children are some of Jesus’ miracles that were given to us. Our duty and responsibility is to care for and nurture them as they grow into faithful individuals.

The book Rockabye Jesus by Teresa Haven Pelinski is the perfect starting guide for all parents. The book also contains beautiful illustrations that will captivate readers of all ages. With your help, children can pick up various reassuring messages – including Jesus’ compassion and gift of salvation.