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The younger they start believing in God’s word, the stronger their belief will be cemented. However, with the Bible’s complexities, attempting to explain the gospel to children can be challenging.

As Christians, it’s better to start the journey of devotion in childhood.

This way, people will have a more extended opportunity to nurture their beliefs before temptations that can sever their connection with God come flooding in.

Everybody knows religion is vital in fending off people’s adverse impulses. The stronger this is, the farther they are from falling into darkness traps. And the only way to achieve this is if adults explain the gospel to children and make them practice religion as early as possible. The more they’ll live holding faith in their hearts, the stronger they will become against whatever life throws at them.

However, religious worship at a young age is easier said than done.

After all, fun comes first for children. Not to mention, religion is a complex concept given it’s comprised of factors little minds and hearts may find tricky to comprehend.

The young mind is simple. It follows a “seeing is believing” idea of credence, which perhaps isn’t an effective perspective toward religion. Hence, before they learn to believe in a Father whom they can’t see, it’s crucial to initially lay a solid foundation that’ll bring them closer to accepting Him.

Where does it begin? For starters, the Bible is at the very heart of religion. It’s the best introductory material to welcome anybody to Christianity. Filled with spiritual riches, it’s what guides and molds people toward salvation. The book reflects God’s life, encompassing how people have lived in His time, leading to how Christianity came about. It also contains pointers woven within its narratives about how people must live according to His will.

However, the Bible isn’t like any novel.

And it’s significantly more complex than children’s books.

From how a simple snake leads to the conception of sin to how a woman birthed the world’s savior, it contains themes and events that can be difficult for children to wrap their little minds around. So, how can adults explain the gospel in a way children will fully understand and be interested in?

When Understanding the Bible Is Tough for Adults, How Much More for Children?

Although the Bible accounts for His story in a seemingly simple narrative, flipping through its pages may feel like putting together an incredibly complicated puzzle. The Gospels reflected in the Bible are something even adults find difficult to genuinely understand as the mind still struggles to comprehend what the sciences can’t provide concrete proof of, rejecting what’s not easy to understand.

When adults struggle to make sense of the Bible, how can they successfully explain the gospel to children? How can they simplify and convey their complex nature to young minds?

How Can Adults Explain the Gospel for Children to Comprehend Easily?

They can start by breaking down the main lesson or value conveyed in the Bible. Focus on relaying the main message. With a thousand pages, it will be intimidating if parents explain the gospel by asking them to read straight from the Bible. Although adults shouldn’t underestimate their capacity for reading, it’s understandable how the material is unsuitable for children.

Instead of sticking with the Bible, why not choose another book with the same values?

Rockabye Jesus, a story of Jesus and children, details the benefits the latter can enjoy in being religious earlier on. It lists how Jesus helps those who believe in him, encouraging everyone toward religiosity. The Bible portrays Jesus as a mortal who becomes God later. But the book already depicts Jesus as a Holy being. It revolves around the deep-rooted connection these parties have with each other. From Jesus’ love for children to His compassion, it’s a more straightforward introduction to who Jesus is and how He influences children.

Rockabye Jesus takes away the complexities of the Bible and delivers the message of cultivating kindness and of Christianity’s importance in an animated way for children.

Using religious children’s books is an excellent way to explain the Gospel that Children can fully comprehend and be entertained with. Its usage of imagery will also help their young minds visualize and put a figure over Jesus, making him more existing than an indiscernible being for worship.