The book – Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders – a self-published book by Dr. C.B. Skelton, M.D., is a hilarious compilation of stories and humorous anecdotes, from his many years of experiences as a Medical Doctor, in Rural and Idyllic small town of Winder, Georgia

Dr. C.B. Skelton, M.D., a Southern gentleman and Medical Doctor of rural and idyllic Winder, Georgia, wrote stories and anecdotes taken from his years of medical practice as a subject for his recently released self-published book. He wrote this book after his semi-retirement as a medical doctor. This book celebrate his years of experiences from his medical practices. It sometimes illustrates the frustrating and often funny way of doctor and patient relationship. And the burgeoning rise of his medical practice.

He has written five books side from his life’s interests as a medical doctor, Dr. C.B. Skelton, M.D., also admits, loved to impart life stories and teach life lesson. Although, his love for writing began earlier before he decided to publish his books. He used to write columns – Random Rants in Rhyme – because earlier in life he loved telling stories and giving moral lessons from his stories. Several of his column’s stories and corresponding moral lessons are often used and quoted in a Colorado Sunday School class, in Barrow County churches, and even from several Army chapel services in Germany.

This multi-talented and multi-faceted author as several loves and interests in life.  He is an unabashed Christian, practices conservative philosophy, avid follower of current events, an active citizen involved in community affairs and events – a man who seriously contributes to society – and a self-admitted family man. Although on occasions, rom his usual round in his community, he jokingly admitted flirting with some of his desirable female patients. And almost always, as he funnily narrated in his book, he stops and later feels guilty and thinks if Nora, his wife of many years and wonders hat Nora will do if she finds out. He recounted this event in this book in a humorous way. He pictures himself as an old man slowly succumbing to temptation, and then realizes – hey! What do you think will happen to me if my wife finds out?

He didn’t stop himself not because he realizes that he is wrong, or that he feels guilty of being unfaithful to his wife, but – he stops because he is afraid of his wife.

But life for the fun-loving over-achiever was no rose garden. Born at the peak of the depression – one of the worst and bleakest period in the history of the United States – C.B. Skelton’s family lost their home and most of their possessions when he was three. His family later relocated to a farm, where they became tenant farmer. There, the future medical doctor and self-published author learned farming and experience the most difficult phase of his life.

In a way, C.B. Skelton, M.D. self-published book – Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders – may be comparable to James Herriot’s (real name James Alfred Wight) If Only They Could Talk and It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet which was retitled: All Creatures Great and Small and condensed into one book.

Both books are based on the many years of experiences they had in their chosen profession, written in a humorous and satirical way meant as a social commentary on the current issues affecting their society. But only slightly so. There is actually a whale of difference separating the two books and character – authors.

James Herriot’s biting satirical, albeit, funny but painful diatribes of certain events and issues, and targeted personalities, is meant as a wake-up call or an awareness call for people to know and take actions.

Whereas, C.B. Skelton, M.D. relies mostly on his Christian upbringing and strong belief on the Scriptures in providing stories and teaching life lessons. Which is why despite his busy work and schedules, C.B. Skelton, M.D. still is active in his work with the Gideons International in spreading the Scriptures and the Gospels worldwide. He teaches in Sunday School, provides Bible studies or musical programs to the community.

C.B. Skelton, M.D. self-published book – Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders – is a funny book with a twist. After the smile, comes the life lessons that will help you continuing to struggle and face and overcome life’s difficulties having faith in the Lord and belief in the Scriptures.

ReadersMagnet Review recommends C.B. Skelton’s Dirty Laundry. A truly funny and remarkable read.