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By embracing God-centeredness, we are placing significance on uniting together as one.

Uniting together as one is a common ground among faith’s God-centeredness. God created us to live in harmony together with the aim of helping each other thrive. However, nowadays, there are still cases of fights and conflicts, negatively affecting the concept of God-centeredness.

The book An Approach To Peace, Co-existence and Truth: For The Love of God by Tony Antonellis calls for humanity to take part in uniting together as one under God’s connection, a common ground among faith’s God-centeredness.

Unity is a powerful force that allows us to find peace in the midst of turmoil, cultivate love in the face of hate, and practice forgiveness even when we have been wronged. It is the embodiment of compassion, empathy, and understanding that allows us to bridge the gaps that divide us and work together toward a better tomorrow. 

When we embrace unity, we open ourselves to new perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking that can lead to greater harmony and happiness for all.

“I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

1 Corinthians 1:10

What happens when we are divided and not united as one is the escalation of war and chaos. This wickedness is not what God wants us to delve into. We are all created by the God our Father, and humanity stems from Him; hence, we are all brothers and sisters. We are prospered by goodness; therefore, we should also strive to continue that upbringing and do good. 

Doing acts of goodness does not involve only one individual but the whole—united as one. This way, the goodness of one multiplies and flourishes into more and better. 

We must aim to do good together. Doing good together unites us and creates harmony within the community. This implies that as a good start, we must practice the gift of helping in which we carry each other’s burdens

What Is God-Centeredness?

Have you ever encountered a point in your life when you had a hard time deciding about something? If so, have you considered God’s take on that heavy decision? Was there also a time when you viewed someone who is allegedly ‘toxic’ as deserving of guidance and understanding? 

Perhaps you are living a God-centered life, seeing the world through God’s eyes and focusing on His glory.

God-centeredness is a state of mind in which one’s entire life is fixated on God. It involves seeking to understand His perspective in all circumstances and making choices that align with His will. It means putting God at the center of one’s thoughts, actions, and decisions and seeking to live in a way that honors Him. When a person is God-centered, they see the world through His eyes and are guided by His wisdom and love.

One Thing That Connects Us All: God

As human beings, we all have different backgrounds, nationalities, skin colors, and religious beliefs. However, despite these differences, we have a shared purpose to live in harmony with one another under the guidance and blessings of God. He desires us to embrace our diversity and come together as His beloved children, united in love, respect, and understanding. 

Focus on the common ground among faith’s God-centeredness today. Grab your own copy of Tony Antonellis’ book An Approach To Peace, Co-existence and Truth: For The Love of God and visit the author’s website at