Photo by Kourosh Qaffari

The unpredictability of life comes with many things. Highs, lows, victories, and setbacks can make our hearts heavy with disappointment, pain, or confusion. However, finding joy in God might be the answer when things don’t go as planned. 

Losing sight of joy and allowing despair to overshadow our faith is easy. Admittedly, we’d prefer to endure the setbacks rather than do something about it. However, God uses adversity as a teacher full of inexhaustible source that outpours hope and comfort.

Moreover, God is the author of our lives, so handing over the pen to Him helps us relieve our struggles and burdens that have weighed us down. A perfect book that paints a picture of this is the book ‘She Let God Write Her Story‘ by Yelena Borichevska. The book shows us that we will never see through our trials unless we let God take control.

Finding joy in God amid life’s most unexpected turns allows us to explore the transformative power of God’s grace and its profound impact on us. It also strengthens our ability to navigate life’s hardships with renewed purpose and resilience.

The nature of joy and faith

What does joy have anything to do with faith?

Trusting in the Lord results in unlimited amounts of joy. Our relationship with the heavenly Father makes us joyful, even in times of sorrow. Those who find joy in the Lord often think they have an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God. His promises are a treasure, and those who trust Him are rewarded with joy.

Finding joy in God means being grateful.

When life hits where it hurts, we often find it hard to thank the Lord? Well, why would we when trials are mostly too much for us to handle?

Gratitude is mainly associated with increased happiness. That means being thankful at all times may help people feel more positive. Being grateful also causes them to relish pleasant memories and experiences and build solid relationships. Most of all, it affects their overall health as improvement will occur.

Additionally, being thankful is the simplest form of gratitude, as it shows reverence for God’s grace. By choosing to thank Him in the darkest circumstances, there is a natural feeling of lightness from our emotional weight.

We noticeably feel better when we become more thankful to God because He is the source of eternal joy. That is why when things go wrong in our lives, finding joy in God often involves having a sense of gratitude.

The Lord as the captain of our ship

Humans need to gain control, especially when things don’t go as expected. But when we surrender our burdens to God, He will not only take them away. But God will make us stronger than before – which should comfort us.

Contrary to the world’s definition of surrender, when directed towards God, the act gives us more peace than we can imagine. One encouraging thing about finding joy in God is this: when we let Him take control, we are suddenly at ease.

Final thoughts

Even what the enemy means for evil, God always turns it for our good and His glory. Finding joy in God even when things go South opens our hearts and minds to the transformative power of His love. Despite the crashing waves threatening to sink our ship, we find solace and strength in His presence.

It may be challenging to embrace gratitude, especially when trials are nothing to be thankful for. However, we later realize that God brings them to us for us to cultivate a grateful heart so that it would be easier for us to let Him take control.

In your case, finding joy in God is possible, even in the darkest crevices of the struggles you’re going through. You are more than what you’re capable of because you’re God’s masterpiece, written from His divine hands and loving heart.