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Fixing global corruption is not a simple issue, but it is something that we can work on with the help of the Church, and that’s what we should be focusing on.

Author Thomas Rembert Jr. is finding solutions for secular problems that have risen in the modern world. His book A Revelation of Life Endeavors: Gangs for Jesus discusses the issues he wishes to fix. It’s a great way to learn more about the secular concerns we must address.

Today, we’ll look at how churches from every corner of the world can aid in making these issues a thing of the past.

A Huge Cause of Secular Problems is Corruption

Corruption is one factor that tends to contribute to poverty in every nation. In the past, the world didn’t see corruption as a global issue. However, considerable research on the effects of corruption on society has emerged during the past twenty years.

It destroys a nation’s political and economic systems. Recent studies have made a significant assumption about the degree of democratization and the general impression of corruption in a particular country.

Large bureaucracies, where the state is a potent weapon for governmental continuation, tend to have higher levels of corruption.

What is the Major Issue That Makes Fixing Global Corruption Difficult?

The misuse of significant financial resources is the main issue of corruption. Money intended for special programs, such as those aimed at battling unhappiness, is stolen by individuals in politics and business. Millions of people rely on the funds that relief organizations send, but a large portion is stolen.

What makes the issue crucial is that the economy can only withstand so much deviation before heading into a reverse process that will cause a severe economic recession, even in cases where high rates of corruption go hand in hand with strong economic growth.

Terrorism and corruption also share a relationship, and if we want to stop violence, control terrorism, and curb conflict, the Church will have to step in. A portion of the stolen money frequently finances terrorist activities. Having a system that steals aid intended for the underprivileged benefits drug traffickers and smugglers of weapons.

One of Thomas Rembert Jr.’s goals is to lessen this type of corruption by encouraging the youth to spend their days serving God and Jesus, ultimately fixing global corruption and finding solutions for secular problems.

How Can the Church Aid With Problem-Solving?

For a long time, the Church has tried to combat misery and poverty while evangelizing to fulfill the Church’s role of fighting against corruption. When missionaries witness children passing away too soon, frustration often overwhelms them. They scream for justice while raising their fists to the sky.

The Lausanne movement has demonstrated the Church’s dedication to evangelism by uniting Churches to complete this challenging job. But it’s also a good moment to consider the Church’s position on corruption and how it affects efforts to evangelize the world.

Aside from that, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption is set to take effect, and the world is headed for a meaningful moment. Other groups have already addressed these topics, such as the Council of Europe, OAS (Organization of American States), and the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Final Words About the Subject

Fixing global corruption is something that we can achieve through collective effort. However, the Church won’t take things seriously to reform unless it is sees corruption as a genuine threat to global evangelization.

The appeal is for Christians in Europe and North America to work with Christians in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to present a global and historical solution to injustice, releasing Satan’s grip on many countries.

Author Thomas Rembert Jr. is finding solutions for secular problems but needs everyone’s aid. Grab a copy of his book today by clicking here, and help spread the good message!