It’s a known fact that publishing in eBook format is somewhat still a new territory for many authors. For some, many authors still want to feel that sense of accomplishment to see a manuscript turn into actual pages of a carefully printed book.

But as the digital revolution continues to flourish, many authors, both traditional and independent, have been embracing digital publishing options for their books. While its rise to popularity mainly stems from the worldwide digital transformation, it is a versatile option for both the authors and their readers.

According to a post published in Edudemic, “digital books provide an ease of publishing, distribution and updating other formats can’t match—which is why, of course, that this method is so popular.” Besides versatility or flexibility, there are still more reasons why eBook self-publishing is as good of an option as with black & white self-publishing and other print formats.

Here are some of the wonderful perks of publishing in eBook format.

Cost-effective – There’s no denying that these digital publishing options cost less than traditional book printing services. From manufacturing to printing costs, the fees will easily add up especially when printing multiple new editions or releases. When it comes to eBook self-publishing, you won’t have to think about a lot of costs and the potential for a high return is promising.

Practical – Publishing in digital format for your book is a practical option for writers especially those who are on a working on a specific time frame. Traditionally printed or manufactured books is often time-consuming. So, if you’re looking to get your book published in a shorter period of time, then publishing in eBook format is a better and more practical option for you.

Adaptable – Along with flexibility, eBook self-publishing easily adapts to various features that readers won’t find in printed books. With the powers of software technology, authors can include links to blogs, websites, videos, and even audio within the text. This is a perfect avenue for authors to easily promote their other projects and interact with their readers.

Convenient – In this modern and digital age, convenience is everything. When it comes to publishing in digital format, it lives and breathes convenience. Imagine being able to store hundreds, if not thousands, of eBooks in the comfort of a handy mobile device. Readers can easily purchase books with just a few taps or clicks. There’s less effort and they can get a copy in a flash. Not only that, they can bring all their books with them wherever they go and access it whenever they want.

Sustainable – Consumers are not only embracing perks of the digital revolution. They’re also becoming more environmentally conscious. There are a growing number of consumers who are making choices that will most benefit the environment. Therefore, if buying books in eBook format means saving the trees or reducing trash, then these types of readers will be all for it.

The Bottom Line

Going digital is a big leap for many authors—that much is true. Publishing in eBook format may be a new territory for some but it could also be one of the best decisions an author could make. In deciding what path to take, independent authors should also consider their audiences or readers need. After all, these people will always be part of the equation when it comes to selling their books.

If you’re having doubts, you can always consult experts about the matter. With that in mind, independent authors may seek the expert advice from self-publishing houses that they can rely on. That said, independent authors can find comprehensive packages such as ReadersMagnet eBook Self-Publishing and other offers such as Editorial Services, traditional book printing services, and various add-ons.

Aspiring authors like you can definitely find a friend and partner with this young and growing enterprise who are committed to lead you to the best path possible for your book. So, go ahead. Start your self-publishing journey!