Photo by Kira auf der Heide

Imagine a birthday morning filled with vibrant wrapping paper, the anticipation crackling in the air as tiny fingers tug at ribbons and bows. But what if God’s greatest gifts weren’t tucked inside neatly packaged boxes?

God’s gift is hidden within our hearts. The love of Jesus Christ bestows it upon us all. For children, Jesus’ gifts are more precious than any diamond or dazzling gadget. They are treasures that bring joy, purpose, and a light that guides us through life’s journey. 

We highly recommend Teresa Haven Pelinski’s ROCKABYE JESUS, a story about Jesus and children. It’s the perfect book for parents and teachers to help children connect with Jesus. 

Now let’s peek into this treasure chest and discover the wondrous gifts Jesus offers every child:

1. The Gift of Unconditional Love:

This is the cornerstone gift, the unshakeable foundation upon which all others rest. Jesus’ love isn’t earned or merited; it’s a downpour of grace that drenches every child, regardless of their stumbles or imperfections.

It’s a whisper in the quiet moments, a steady hand in times of fear, and a promise that tells us we are loved completely and eternally.

2. The Gift of Forgiveness:

We all make mistakes, and children are no exception with their boundless energy and unfiltered emotions. But Jesus doesn’t hold grudges or tally misdeeds. His forgiveness is a bottomless well, always available to wash away regrets and anxieties.

It’s the freedom to laugh after a mistake, to try again with a clean slate, and to know that love conquers all.

3. The Gift of Peace:

The world can be a noisy, chaotic place, and children, especially in these uncertain times, can easily feel overwhelmed. But Jesus offers a peace that transcends all understanding.

It’s a quiet stillness within the storm, a gentle assurance that even when the world feels scary, God is here, and He is your peace. Telling a story about Jesus and children will help enlighten the youth more about God’s gift of peace.

4. The Gift of Purpose:

Every child is born with unique talents, dreams, and a purpose waiting to be discovered. Jesus reminds us that we’re not here by accident; we have something special to contribute to the world.

His gift of purpose empowers us to find our passions, use our gifts to make a difference and leave the world a brighter place than we found it.

5. The Gift of Family:

Jesus valued family and emphasized the importance of community. He reminds us that we’re not alone on this journey. We have a spiritual family, a network of brothers and sisters in Christ who offer love, support, and guidance.

This gift of family provides a safe haven, a place where we can be ourselves, grow in faith, and celebrate life’s joys and sorrows together.

6. The Gift of Eternal Hope:

This is the ultimate gift, the promise that transcends this earthly life. Jesus conquered death and opened the gates to eternal life for all who believe.

Hope is a precious gift that whispers that even amidst gloom’s embrace and farewells bittersweet, love’s flame burns on, guiding us toward our Heavenly Father’s loving arms.

Embracing God’s Greatest Gifts

These are just a few of God’s greatest gifts Jesus bestows upon every child. Forget the ribbons and boxes; true treasures lie within, woven into the very fabric of our existence. Let’s unravel these gifts, one by one, savoring their essence and carrying them close to our hearts with gentle hands.

As we nurture these gifts, we discover the joy of living a life guided by love, forgiveness, wonder, peace, purpose, family, and eternal hope. So, let’s celebrate God’s greatest gifts, not just on Christmas morning but every day of our lives. 

May their gentle hands guide our every step, their luminescence blaze upon our paths, and their whispers forever echo in our hearts. Additionally, to pique your interest in exploring this theme further, we recommend reading a story about Jesus and children like ROCKABYE JESUS by Teresa Haven Pelinski. 

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