Photo by Gary Barnes

The world is gloomy enough, and happiness boosting can come from anywhere. It may not be realistic to remain happy 24/7, but practicing these habits one day at a time might help in many ways.

Happiness boosting is something that we have to work hard for. We all have a set point where no emotions are set to default. And external factors like unpredictable circumstances set it off to the end of making out the entire day. A person’s level of happiness can go from the lowest to the highest and vice versa.

Regardless of how we feel now, trying to boost happiness will help improve our daily living. People often need to understand the requirements to make themselves happier. We think of it conditionally and need help seeing the bigger picture.

That’s why there’s a book about maintaining a smile rather than a frown titled ‘We’re All Crazy Get Used To It‘ by Jerold Skolnik. The world contains infinite ways to make us happy; this book may help us get there. Skolnik’s book teaches the proper mindset to journey through life. Whatever life we may lead, the book contains practical guidelines that help us enjoy life more.

Life-changing habits that boost one’s happiness

Again, there are no linear or uniform ways to be happy and stay that way. However, the little things can have a lasting impact on how we maneuver toward life. Always remember these habits so you’ll have something to look back on when you need much happiness boosting.

Be present at the moment.

It’s normal for us to worry about the future since we constantly worry about it. Time is a valuable resource that is not only limited, but it’s also something we can never take back. That’s why when people spend time idling about the past and future, they forget about the present.

Being in the present also lets people know that you are genuinely enjoying the moment. The five senses in our bodies are made to feel things. They can be heightened, depending on the situation. Make the most out of any relaxation you’re in because they are necessary to be aware of where you are now.

Stay away from technology when recuperating.

Our phones, laptops, tablets, etc., may be involved in making us happy. But they are not the sole source of happiness boosting. Putting our phones down an hour before sleeping helps us sleep better. A better example would be this: specific live shows often forbid taking photos and videos.

It may sound unimaginable to some since there are ones that allow them. But putting technology away for the entirety helps concertgoers enjoy the music experience at its core. We can’t savor the moments with our loved ones if we’re glued to our phones around the clock. We have to consider how to practice being present and increase the betterment of our well-being.

There are many ways to adjust your schedule with and without technology. This doesn’t mean we can forsake them entirely, as they have become integral in our daily lives. But when the situation calls for it, it’s best not to be drowned in virtual pleasures. There’s always a time and place for everything, including our phones.

Retain your wholesome and fulfilling relationships.

Humans are social creatures by nature. We all need someone to keep us company at certain moments. No matter how much some of us thrive in isolation, we were never meant to live in loneliness. Unfortunately, the need to keep up the pace and run an endless race keeps us away from people we care about.

Our priorities keep us away from the opportunity of spending time with loved ones. We must remember that people are part of the mission towards happiness boosting. We can’t just leave them out of the equation. Otherwise, we’ll need more people to turn to when we need someone who can love us at our worst.

Be kinder to yourself every day.

It’s no secret that we are our own worst enemy. Often, the one who stops us the most from happiness boosting is ourselves. It’s time to put a stop to it by making self-compassion a habit to practice. While we may gain satisfaction through external factors, what we do to ourselves has the most impact.

By being kinder to ourselves more, it manifests in an outward manner. You’ll eventually see its positive effects around you, which leads to more happiness boosting. Remember that we can’t give what we don’t have, and without this constant reminder and habit of self-love, it’s impossible to achieve happiness with our input.