All you people have been there: You head out the door only to find that your car keys are gone. Even the most organized individuals with the most organized homes misplace things occasionally.

When things go missing, you believe you can’t see them. You perceive absence as lack—your search in tight corners of rooms and worn-out stretches of memory. You alert loved ones and launch search parties; you plan to be better at not forgetting. Yet where are these items during your fretful searches? Is any object or person never feeling more present than during agonizing moments of absence? With careful concentration and renewed awareness, can you translate absence into presence?

There are tricks to finding something you lost—it may take a game plan and a few deep breaths. Below could be of great help:

1. Double-Check Where it Should Be. Yes, when moving quickly, it is easy to miss something that has been in its proper place all along. Start your search by returning to where the item was supposed to be. 

2. Check Where You’ve Lost it Before. If the item got lost in that area, it might be there again.

3. Retrace Your Steps. Walking backward or imagining you are walking backward (probably more ideal if you’re in a hurry) can help you find lost items.

4. Search Where You Last Used The Item. While this sounds similar to backtracking your steps, the move can jog your memory in a new way. 

5. Explore All Seating Areas. Seating areas are excellent places where lost items turn up.

In the same way, a book that features searching for a lost city of Atlantis in Central America can give its readers a thrill of adventure. What is this book all about?

The book MAN-DAR of Atlantis by Sousa is a thrilling and well-written novel that takes the reader on a journey through the mysterious and ancient world of Atlantis. Kenneth J. Sousa takes his readers to another time and place, with Manny, now as MAN-DAR, flying an airship to rescue a barbarian Princess who the evil High Priest of Inanna is holding. With the help of his slave and local peasants, MAN-DAR reaches the underworld and rescues the barbarian. The High Priest follows MAN-DAR out of the underworld with an unearthly army, but MAN-DAR causes their demise. MAN-DAR escapes across the Forbidden Causeway to Atlantis with his slave, whom he promises to set free, and the barbarian he has fallen in love with.

What do readers have to say about the book?

“The captive storylines kept me engaged from beginning to end. MAN-DAR of Atlantis was as exciting as it was adventurous. The well-written story sequence gave me a sense of transforming into a different universe while telling a story about the current world.” – Reviewed by an Amazon customer.

“Overall, MAN-DAR of Atlantis by Kenneth J. Sousa is a thrilling and well-written novel that will keep his readers on the edge of their seats. The book’s well-crafted characters, fast-paced action, and rich settings make for an enjoyable and engaging read. The last chapter provides a satisfying conclusion to the story and leaves the reader hungry and ready to read the next installments of the trilogy. I highly recommend this book to fans of thrillers and ancient mysteries.” – Reviewed by Margie Przybylski of Pacific Book Review.

About the Author

Kenneth J. Sousa is a Vietnam veteran and a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications, where he won awards for Vietnam Nightmares and Don’t Wait, which aired on WBZ TV. He is the author of seven books, including the award-winning Man-Dar and Kills a Cow. Ken lives in Florida with his wife, Midge.