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Teenagers are often depicted as angry and sullen, but that isn’t true because they have so much to offer — we simply need to know the steps of parenting awesome teenagers.

Being someone with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Robert Knapick is aware of the many challenges of raising teenagers. But thanks to his expertise and innate willingness to help parents and their children, he developed the guidance of his Parenting 101 and Tools to Raise a Healthy Teenager book.

If you need help raising your teens to become healthy (both physically and mentally) individuals, join us as we look into Dr. Knapick’s parenting course and find out five ways to raise sound teens.

Raising Healthy Teenagers with Dr. Robert Knapick’s Help

Dr. Robert Knapick has developed an excellent book that could help parents raise their teenagers into healthy individuals. In his book, he provides a guide for direction, consistency through enforcing rules, some questionnaires, some video links, and more.

A section of the book that we believe holds great importance is Dr. Knapick’s approach to improving self-esteem. Here’s a brief excerpt of what steps a person can take to achieve better self-esteem:

“List your strengths and weaknesses under the same categories of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. Accept what you are good at and what can’t be changed, and change what you feel you’d like to. For example, if you tend to be impatient, resolve to develop patience.”

Overall, the Parenting 101 and Tools to Raise a Healthy Teenager book offers helpful instructions and guides that anyone can benefit from. It is like a manual, giving readers aid to better navigate the complex waters of being a parent. Parenting awesome teenagers isn’t easy, but all the challenges and hardships are worth it.

5 Ways to Successfully Parenting Awesome Teenagers

Without a doubt, teenagers are marvelous. They are eager to please, intelligent, funny, and game for anything. The hearts that they have are also one of the most generous ones any person will encounter.

But they can also be vulnerable since they want to be validated and loved desperately. Despite that, they remain quirky, messy at times, and carriers of the best sense of humor. Raising them is a rollercoaster, but one that is centered around love.

Here are five ways to raise incredible teens:

• 1. Don’t Mind the Small Details Too Much

It’s easy to call teenagers out for minor inconveniences like leaving their bags in the hallway or seeing their dirty apparel scattered around the floor. But before we go and call them out, we must first understand why this is happening. Maybe they had a long day at school. Perhaps they feel down. They may have a problem and would like to discuss it.

Always put yourself in their shoes first and find out if something bothers them. Once you’ve done this, you can ask them to pick up their bag or clean their room gently yet firmly.

• 2. Frequently Say No to Bad Behavior or Circumstances

As parents, it’s necessary to say no to circumstances or behaviors that could put our kids in harm’s way. Say no to them staying out late. Say no to them attending sketchy parties. This is when we do our jobs and set rules and boundaries centered around their safety and be adamant in enforcing them.

• 3. Listen to What They’re Saying and Pay Attention

It’s essential to be attentive to teenagers. Give them your undivided attention whenever they talk about school, feelings, or what’s happening to them. At times like these, it’s our job to simply listen, not lecture or offer advice (unless they want you to). Doing this makes them feel valued and loved, which we all need.

 4. Say Yes More Often than Saying No

While we must say no to bad behavior or circumstances, it’s equally essential that we say yes to them more often. They’ll soon be hurled into a world where the word “no” will be heard frequently. As a parent, we should be the cheerful voice that says “yes” to them and make them feel they can do great things without limitations.

• 5. Love Them with All Your Heart

Be fierce, loyal, and all-in with your love. Love them with all your heart. Love their quirks. Love their flaws. Love everything that they are and love who they are.

We hope this read was worth your time and will give you the tenacity you need when it comes to parenting awesome teenagers.

Don’t forget to grab Dr. Robert Knapick’s book Parenting 101 and Tools to Raise a Healthy Teenager for free by visiting his website, hover over the “courses” drop-down button, click on “parenting,” and then press “Click to Go to Parenting 101”!