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Communicating with deceased loved ones requires the power of awareness of our soul, body, and energy. 

After-death communication is a complex undertaking that requires energy. There is a need for us to release the conscious thoughts to let go of our senses successfully. Calming the mind is a vital factor. That’s why meditation is essential to intensify the power of awareness.

The book Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales by David Tuttle, Author, revolves around his remarkable journey inspired by certain encounters with after-death communication. Techniques to alleviate stress and pain were also tackled. Through his profound visionary book, he shares spiritual insights on the impact of thoughts and energy in developing communication abilities with deceased loved ones. In this case, it sparks hope, enabling readers to obtain peace of mind.

David Tuttle, Author, is a Reiki master/teacher specializing in energy healing techniques. In his book Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales, he employed his experience to mitigate stress and pain to promote energy healing for readers. His exposure to psychics flourished into a masterpiece of a book containing his spiritual insights.

Spirit connection can be vague and subtle, which can go unnoticed, so it is essential to heighten awareness. One way we can develop this is through meditation. 

Meditation can guide us to bring forth the power of awareness, withdrawing our thoughts and attention from the outer world and directing it within ourselves to become conscious of the soul.

Unlocking Inner Concentration

It is more challenging than it seems. Perhaps we attempt to reach out to our deceased loved ones, but it doesn’t work on our end, and so we end up frustrated. 

There are better solutions than being forceful to succeed in after-death communication. Desperately pulling out the information will not grow our awareness but disturb our inner peace. There has to be a flow. We have to wait for it and let the process be a gradual phase.

Patience is the key.

Here are some signs from deceased loved ones:

  • Presence

The feeling of them being there might be a sign they are indeed present. Sometimes, we just have that unexplainable feeling. We simply feel it. Some people who have experienced the encounter described it as a sudden calmness or a warm, tingling sensation. 

  • Voice

This could either be an external voice or an internal voice. When we suddenly hear an audible voice from somewhere, especially when we are alone, it could be our loved one reaching out to us. Some people also claim to hear a voice from within, which feels and sounds like the voice of their departed loved one. It can be comforting and unearthly.

  • Fragrance

Connected to memory is the scent, which, in this case, we find ourselves taking a whiff of our loved one’s signature scent, which is perhaps our deceased loved one’s way for us to be reminded of their presence.

  • Objects

Let’s say we found a penny along the way. Perhaps it is a gift for us to remember them. It could be a vague message of them saying, “I love you” to us. There could be a possibility that random items we find represent them in a way.

  • Songs

There could be an occurrence where we hear a song on the car radio or anywhere, and that song happens to be the departed loved one’s favorite, so we end up being reminded of them. 

  • Dreams

These dreams could be a visitation from our loved ones. It could be that they want us to be reassured. They could also be giving us advice or, perhaps, a warning. Actively dreaming about deceased loved ones could also mean we are still not able to let go of the grief, so they visited to provide us closure.

  • Animals or Insects

Our deceased loved ones aim to look out for us and remind us of their endless love for us, so they send us a messenger spirit animal or insect to do the job. Some common spirit messengers are doves and butterflies, but any animal or insect could be a spirit messenger.

In your glimpse of life after death, we recommend reading Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales by David Tuttle, Author, and gaining further spiritual insights that will bring you out of the ordinary. Visit the author’s website at