Self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M., but it’s not for reasons you might think of. Instead, S.C.A.M stands for providing superior care and management (SCAM).

Independent or self-publishing companies certainly changed the publishing industry. It has introduced new platforms and features absent from traditional publishing in many ways. Sadly, the self-publishing sector is also beset with many problems and shortcomings. Often labeled as ‘vanity press,’ self-publishing companies are accused of milking authors of their money. There are also allegations of making false promises to unsuspecting authors new to publishing and book marketing.

Many of these independent publishing firms do not have the full features of traditional publishing houses. While it is disheartening to hear accusations of being a scam or bogus company, ReadersMagnet tries its best not to be included in the long list of self-publishing companies with records and fraud and related cases.

In addition, ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M. as it tries its very best to consistently give its client-authors superior care and management (SCAM).

Since its establishment over five years ago, ReadersMagnet has been a consummate publishing partner.

The company has continuously provided superior care to its client authors. ReadersMagnet has always positioned itself as a worthy publishing partner from the get-go. It has always prioritized the interest of its clients, whether self-publishing authors or established ones.

Its motto, “We share your stories with the world,” is its guiding light during its first years in the business. This slogan has been at the forefront of developing its services to ensure its clients are prioritized before anything else. With its mission at the center of every activity, ReadersMagnet never fails to deliver what’s expected from the company.

The early years saw ReadersMagnet quickly establish its reputation as a dependable company by providing its clients with various publishing and book marketing services. It allied with some reputable names, including Ric Bratton and Al Cole, and recently with award-winning media personality Kate Delaney.

Through hard work, it earned the trust of individuals and organizations. It earned a B.B.B. rating of A-, the second-highest in under three years. Now, ReadersMagnet holds an A+ rating. From Yelp to Trustpilot, ReadersMagnet continued to earn positive reviews and praises, proving their diligence and sincerity. Around the same time, ReadersMagnet began one of its banner services- the Book Fair service. By affiliating with the established international book fair and its organizers, ReadersMagnet can represent authors on a bigger platform through booths, book displays, and book signing events. ReadersMagnet participated in the Miami Book Fair, the LA Times Festival of Books, and recently, the Tucson Festival of Books.

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, ReadersMagnet kept its commitment.

The company found ways to bring authors and their stories to wider audiences.

When the pandemic broke out, organizers of different book events were forced to cancel fairs, exhibitions, and other public engagements. In 2020, the Tucson Festival of Books and many other annual book fairs decided to cancel their scheduled events, and in 2021 decided to hold virtual book fairs instead. Like most publishing companies, ReadersMagnet decided to participate in these online book fairs to maximize the digital platform. Some of the book fairs that Readersmagnet attended during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic included the London Book Fair, the Tucson Festival of Books, the L.A. Times Festival of Books, the 2020 N.C.T.E. Virtual Convention, and the 2020 N.Y.L.A. Virtual Conference and Trade Show.

ReadersMagnet launched its first-ever virtual book fair to continue promoting its client authors during the pandemic. In 2021, ReadersMagnet The Festival of Storytellers and its award-giving body, The Storyteller’s Quill Awards. The 6-day virtual event was welcomed by its partner authors, guest speakers, and book fans.

ReadersMagnet is gearing up for the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books to be held this coming March 12 to 13 at the University of Arizona Mall. It marks the first time T.F.O.B. will do a physical book event since the pandemic began two years ago.

ReadersMagnet’s Future

Overall, ReadersMagnet’s non-stop activities and public engagement is a testament to its commitment to providing its client-authors with superior care and management. It will continue developing initiatives for its clients to grow and gather a bigger audience. ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M, but it’s never for the reasons it’s accused of. Instead, it will always be the leader in providing superior care and management to authors.