Legitimacy is every business’ ticket to success. For a small self-publishing company like ReadersMagnet, posts that portray the company as a scam or bogus undermines the business. Thus, the company strives to provide genuine self-publishing services to the satisfaction of its author clients. Also, there are times when the company has to respond to threats against its online reputation.

ReadersMagnet is a registered self-publishing company that is listed as a limited liability company (LLC). Established in 2017, it maintains an office at 10620 Treena Street, Suite 230, San Diego, California, USA. ReadersMagnet started as a team of marketing experts providing book marketing services to authors. In July 2017, it launched its publishing arm and has ever since provided basic publishing services for many author-clients. ReadersMagnet is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a business rating of A, the second-highest in BBB’s rating scale. ReadersMagnet is also registered in a number of business directories.

Service as proof of Legitimacy

published books
Some of Readersmagnet’s published titles.

As a self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet has helped many authors realize their dreams of printing and publishing their masterpieces. Since its launching, ReadersMagnet has provided the following basic publishing service:

  • Black and White
  • Full-Color Books
  • Children’s Books
  • EBook Publication
  • Editorial Services

Having these line of publishing services give authors the choice of how they want the world to read their narratives. Together with the ReadersMagnet Fulfillment team and pool of editors and writers, clients enjoy top of the line publishing experience.

Sharing Your Stories with the World

Being a self-published author is not easy. Promoting one’s book can be daunting. In reality, you have to compete with your fellow self-published authors and established authors from traditional publications. ReadersMagnet recognizes this and it is the very reason why the marketing services line-up is designed to comprehensively address this issue.

Book Fairs

National and international book fairs are essential if you want to promote your book to the broadest number of target audiences. In cooperation with the Combined Book Exhibit, ReadersMagnet is able to participate in some of the largest and most prestigious book fairs in the United States and in other parts of the globe. Attending book fairs is good for the portfolio but also enriches your experience as an author.

Book Signing

Book signing during the 2019 LA Times Festival of Books.

Book signing events are usually conducted during book fairs. It is a great opportunity for authors to further promote their book. More importantly, it is a chance for authors to meet and to interact with readers and book fans.

Print Advertising

Despite the advancement of digital technology and the many platforms that allow authors to advertise their brands, press releases still play a vital role in the overall book marketing campaign. People still take press releases as a serious form of advertising.

Marketing Materials

A comprehensive marketing kit is one of the oldest marketing strategies. Bookmarks, business cards, postcards, posters, and sell sheets serve as giveaways during book fairs and other public book events. They contain the necessary information about your brand. You can include these marketing materials in your press kit. Business cards, bookmarks, and postcards are also pretty handy. Posters and sheets can be displayed publicly almost anywhere.

Book Trailers

Much like movie trailers, these brief videos are supposed to spark interest in your book. Book trailers are short and they do not give away too many details. The usual running time for a book trailer is 30 to 200 seconds. If done right, a book trailer can go viral and increase traffic to your website, social media sites, as well as media sharing platforms. Most users are visual-oriented and have short attention spans. So it makes perfect sense to use videos and other visual media to promote your brand.

Book Reviews

Aside from reaching the broadest number of target audiences, one of the goals of every self-published author is to get positive reviews of the book. A book review can be a reader review, trade reviews, or an expert review. In any case, book reviews, especially positive ones help boost your reputation as a serious writer. In marketing your brand, it is important to established credibility and reputation and one of the most effective ways to do it is for other people to vouch for your book.

Radio Interview

Speaking of establishing one’s reputation, an author radio interview is a great opportunity to establish a connection with your target audience. An interview with a credible host on a reputable radio program almost always results in great publicity. Radio interviews are part of your sweeping campaign to hype your book, as well as allowing people to get to know more of you.

Testimonials from authors interviewed by Ric Bratton.

Dynamic Website

We have stated in a number of our previous articles that an author’s website is the author’s base of operation online. Whatever marketing efforts, whether social media or content, everything must pass through the website. Without an SEO-ready website, an author cannot hope to embark on a successful book marketing campaign.

Social Media Advertising

No online business is without social media advertising efforts. For authors, social media platforms are not just for sweeping campaigns. They are components for a better SEO-website. Social media efforts must translate to an increase in social media authority, online visibility, and an increase in web traffic.

Web traffic Optimization (WTO)

Speaking of web traffic, ReadersMagnet’s Web Traffic Optimization is a marketing services package that is designed to not only make an author’s website SEO-ready but also to help authors develop a new perspective in terms of marketing their brand. ReadersMagnet’s WTO covers both on-page and off-page strategies as well as content management. The WTO partnership encourages authors to take more active participation in reaching more target audiences.

Overall, ReadersMagnet Book Marketing Services, its design, and quality are proofs of the company’s commitment to helping authors stay in the game. Each of these marketing services is designed to aid authors in sharing their stories with the world. The past and recent milestones that ReadersMagnet has achieved through the fulfillment of these services are testaments that ReadersMagnet is NOT a scam.

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