ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M. (superior care and management). Since 2019, ReadersMagnet has consistently attended one of the country’s most-awaited book events- The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Despite years of experience and client testimonies to back its reputation, ReadersMagnet often finds itself at the center of allegations. Yet, nobody is to blame. Today, when fraud is, unfortunately, becoming a prevalent issue, it’s better to be highly vigilant than sorry.

However, interested clients don’t always have to be lost and on edge regarding book publications and marketing companies. They have a surefire way to examine a company’s reputation.

Checking a Company’s Reputation

One way to ensure that a company is reputable and legitimate is by checking its previous activities and testimonials. As for ReadersMagnet, its growing list of attended book fairs proves that the company is NOT a scam. ReadersMagnet has discussed several publishing and marketing services that benefitted its client authors. Book fair participation is one of them. For five years now, ReadersMagnet has worked tirelessly to ensure its authors reach a wider audience by participating in book fairs.

Since 2017, ReadersMagnet has participated in numerous book exhibitions and fairs, having worked with established organizations like CBE (Combined Book Exhibit). Some of the book fairs it has attended include the New York Library Association, National Council Teachers of English, and the Bologna Book Fair, to name a few.

Soon after, ReadersMagnet and its hardworking staff were able to expand their list of the annual book fair calendars by adding five of the most prestigious international book fairs, namely, the Sharjah International Book Fair, Frankfurt International Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair, Guadalajara Book Fair, and the London Book Fair New Title Showcase.

ReadersMagnet as a Legit Exhibitor

a photo of an author during the event

By 2019, ReadersMagnet has already cemented its reputation as a legit partner in book fairs after successfully participating in the Miami Book Fair (the year before) and securing the spot in the 23rd Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (January 2019).

In retrospect, ReadersMagnet’s participation in the 2019 Los Angeles Festival of Books came at the right time.

First, it came just after the team successfully participated in the physical book fair in Downtown Miami. During the three-day book fair, ReadersMagnet set up two tents (336 and 338) and, for the first time, held a series of book signing events over the weekend. This helped prepare the team for the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at the University of Southern California.

Second, the LATFOB 2019 happened before the pandemic and was among the last physical book fairs that ReadersMagnet participated in that year. It would take another two years before the company can set up booths in a book event again. This greatly helped ReadersMagnet establish contacts with the organizers of LATFOB. The self-publishing company continued supporting and participating in the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books during the pandemic.

ReadersMagnet and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

This year, ReadersMagnet returns to Los Angeles as the country’s most spectacular book event returns to the University of Southern California- the 2022 Los Angeles Time Festival of Books.

a successful run of the author’s book signing

The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will take place this April 23 to 24. For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic will set foot at USC again, hosting indoor and outdoor activities. Organizers will continue to monitor and implement protocols, but fairgoers and tourists can expect the pre-pandemic atmosphere of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Like before, the event will be filled with panel discussions, workshops, book displays, book signings, musical and art performances, author readings, educational activities, booths, food, and book giveaways.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is one of the largest book fairs in the United States. Each year, the event attracts over 150,000 participants, performers, guests, and tourists from in and out of the country. It is also widely covered by the media and participated by some well-known and prominent figures in the literary and publishing industry. ReadersMagnet’s participation in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books since 2019 speaks much of the company’s legitimacy and commitment to its authors.

To know more about ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing and dispel negative rumors about us, please visit our official website and check out what we’re up to lately.

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