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Writing historical characters is far more challenging than writing characters in the current timeline. 

From an author’s perspective, they undoubtedly aim to create characters that resonate with readers. They have this common goal of making these fictional characters as real and as human as possible, with the intention of evoking emotions and feelings from the readers.

The characters involved are immensely significant in making a fiction novel possible and stimulating. Hence, as writers, our objective is to write interesting characters to captivate and create an emotional connection with those who read our novel. If we succeed in writing fictional characters who are raw and genuine, we provide readers with an experience of a lifetime.

Readers will journey through the story of the book with companions—the characters. 

Let’s say we are in a bookstore, searching through some books. Suddenly, we grab this random book and read the blurb at the back. We get to catch a quick glimpse of the main characters introduced. Somehow, we find ourselves intrigued by these fictional individuals.

And why is that?

Because this quick peek of their story already makes us feel and relate to the characters of the book, perhaps the book has created well-written and exciting characters.

Modern Writer vs Historical Characters

When writing historical characters, it can be challenging to understand and relate to their experiences and perspectives. As a writer, you must immerse yourself in the social culture and traditions of the time to accurately depict the historical setting. 

This requires a deep understanding of the beliefs and values held by people during that time, which can be difficult to grasp without extensive research and study.

Moreover, it is recommended that you place a boundary between yourself as a modern writer and the historical characters. This prevents a clash between reality and the fictional world, which can disturb the authenticity of the historical characters.

Finding the Characters’ Historically Accurate Voices

Writing historical characters involves intensive research to grasp the historical voices of the past. As writers of historical fiction, we have to consider who these characters are and the historical period they live in. This aspect includes the words used in those days, particularly the slang. 

We also have to consider the characters’ culture, age, and social status—pretty much anything that might influence their behavior. 

Nonetheless, we must also consider the creation of a unique fictional historical character with a unique voice that sets them apart from others.

Your Realities Are Not Your Characters’ Realities

As a storyteller, it’s crucial to remember that the world our characters inhabit may not reflect our own. Our experiences, perceptions, and challenges may be different from yours. By crafting distinctive challenges for our characters to overcome, we can delve deeper into their psyche and explore what drives them. 

Successfully capturing the nuances of historical characters and their world is a complex and rewarding task for any writer.

A Historical Fiction: The Bone Pile Series by Sharon Traner

The Bone Pile Series is written by the fiction novelist author Sharon Traner. Her passion for writing has been with her since childhood, but she had to put it on hold while raising her family and caring for medically fragile foster children. 

Despite the challenges, she never let go of her dream and finally published her first book in 2011. Her books are a testament to her creativity and dedication to her craft. 

Fiction novelist author Sharon Traner is a retired nurse who has found her true calling as a writer. She resides in Milwaukee, WI, where she spends most of her days writing. Her love for history and writing has led her to create a series of novels called The Bone Pile. The Bone Pile novels are a masterful blend of history and fiction, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. 

Sharon Traner is a talented writer who has found her passion and is now sharing it with the world through her captivating novels.

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