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Sci-fi adventures take you on a ride – a journey like no other. But at the same time, it’s also full of daily life lessons.

Despite its outrageous nature, sci-fi adventures not only pack lots of action and thrill. It also contains lessons we can apply in our daily lives. We can learn things from it as long as we’re willing to listen.

Arguably, science fiction is laced with truths that serve as cautionary tales for its intended audience. It typically starts with the main character set on an adventure, with unfolding events that will change their lives and affect others. Sci-fi adventures are written mainly by authors with a knack for sharing scientific knowledge, making it an inspiration that teaches an important lesson.

An example would be the book titled Black Menace by Kenneth Sousa. It’s one of the three-part masterpieces that Sousa wrote in the Man-dar of Atlantis series. This is not just any plain sci-fi book. As a reader, you will be enthralled by the richness of the story and pick up valuable life lessons in every arc.

What are the crucial lessons that science fiction teaches us?

Escapism is a recurring element in several works like sci-fi adventures. Since the plot and setting do not precisely match the real world, science fiction and fantasy genres aim to create a world within the endless bounds of readers’ imaginations.

Real life may seem bleak in comparison to the fascinating storylines of every science fiction book ever written. Despite that, the genre has a way of imparting valuable knowledge based on scientific facts. You might even pick up the following lessons crucially applicable in life.

1. Fighting for what is right

Sci-fi adventures mostly share a familiar trope – a fictional power-tripping government oppressing and surveilling its people, which can also fall under the dystopian category. This Orwellian plotline became the foundation of sci-fi adventures that ushers the main hero, who leads the people into fighting for their freedom.

In the same way, science fiction like that inspires us to stand up for what is right even in a situation where we’re all alone in doing it. The hero’s bravery is what we should strive for every day, even as we’re tied to the bounds of living a meaningless life. If we choose to surrender to the oppressive current of daily challenges, we ultimately give up the potential freedom we could have.

2. Power corrupts even the “incorruptible.”

We all have heard of the famous line from Uncle Ben about bearing great responsibility as someone who wields great power. However, many individuals we thought would never be drunk in power became corrupted. Several sci-fi adventures depict such elements throughout the story.

What we should take away from this is how we should remember to be polite-wielding power. No one is immune to power-hungry because of the indescribable high of being able to do anything within that power.

We lose sight of what we must be fixating on because of being drunk in that temporary power that will be taken away from us sooner or later. So as we journey through this one life, let’s not allow ourselves to be consumed by greed. We should leave enough room for compassion and empathy towards others. Using our powers for good will not only help other people, but it will also keep us grounded on what we should live by.

3. Never fail to question the status quo.

Society will never be fair at any time or place. Sci-fi adventures emphasize challenging the status quo against an unjust and oppressive rule. It takes courage to make this happen; the hero usually takes the lead.

Mindlessly following the rules without reason contains many dangers that imprison our freedom. Asking questions about certain things will always be correct. Time constantly changes, and an oppressive world creates an illusion of tradition to maintain its power.

Final Thoughts

Sci-fi adventures vividly show how we must live in the real world while providing a momentary escape. The essence of working together towards the same goal is highlighted in these works. As we live one day at a time, sci-fi adventures teach us to be stronger and braver.