Life lessons are brought to readers through Caroleann Rice’s book for kids, Solomon Snail Goes To The Beach.

Parents certainly noticed how deeply growth mindset books touch kids for children that share meaningful morals and values. This makes reading books about life lessons to kids an easy way to share valuable lessons with the children in your lives. 

Most children’s growth mindset books are written by educators, doctors, spiritual teachers, and respected authors of adult books that recognize the need to share these essential life-changing topics with the leaders of tomorrow–the children. And this makes children’s books that teach valuable lessons just as important for adults to read. May you all be inspired by Caroleann Rice’s Solomon Snail Goes To The Beach, a kid’s book that teaches important life lessons!

About The Book: Solomon Snail Goes To The Beach 

The story starts when Buster Crab and his brother Sandy complain to Big Bill the Pelican, saying that those bothersome Gull Brothers are “at it again.” Buzzy Seagull and his sibling Speedy are causing havoc at the Crabby Shack by swooping down and attempting to steal food from patrons. The Crabby Brothers want to know what they are going to do about that. Big Bill has yet to learn. He is curious, daring, optimistic, generous, and compassionate. But he would never admit such a thing about himself since he is also modest. He knows that he isn’t the one who can figure out how to assist the Crabby Brothers in solving their issues or problems. But he knows who can: Solomon the wise snail, his friend from inland. But can even Solomon the Wise educate those obnoxious seagulls about how to say’ Please’ and’ Thank you? Or will the mighty wondrous voice of love pick someone else to be the courageous one when Solomon Snail goes to the Beach?

Moreover, “Solomon Snail Goes to The Beach” by Caroleann Rice was displayed at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books last April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, California. This book is good for children as it teaches them about good manners in a way they can enjoy. Similarly, Rice has won Author of the Week awarded by Readersmagnet for this book. 

About The Author: Caroleann Rice

Caroleann is a mother to a grown daughter Colleen, and a grown son Kevin. She is also a grandmother to her daughter Colleen’s twin daughters, Paige and Madison. Aside from enjoying time with her granddaughters, she is also a chaplain and minister to a Wednesday night prayer group called “The Women of the Well,” which has been regularly held at her home for fourteen years. More recently, as the Author of the book “The Song of Solomon the Snail” (this book is a sequel, by the way), she enjoys writing- making characters come alive to share a message of overcoming challenges and struggles. Caroleann’s life journey has led her to overcome many challenges. Having been widowed young at thirty-three, she raised her son and daughter as a single mom and enjoyed spending time with her family. When she lost her husband, she was compelled to change her direction in life, which brought her to new heights and challenges. She enjoys music, traveling, cooking, and her most recent hobby, writing children’s books.

Wandering Thoughts

Do you have a particular book you read as a kid that you hold near and dear to your heart? Many people do! Children’s literature is fun, rich, and diverse. Some of your most beloved children’s books have also taught you important lessons about being kind, including others, and showing compassion. 

Not only that, but children’s literature can teach people lessons they need to learn in the development process as they grow into informed teens, young adults, and eventually regular adults too.