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Anthony R. Candela is a self-described “all-around regular guy,” possessing a down-to-earth, open, and honest attitude, making him relatable to many people. 

The term “all-around regular guy” is quite significant as it indicates the person’s flexibility and ability to adapt when encountering various people and situations. It also shows how easy-going the author is and how he easily gets along with people. 

In his captivating memoir, Stand Up or Sit Out: Memories and Musings of a Blind Wrestler, Runner and All-around Regular Guy, he takes us on a journey through his life, sharing with us the triumphs and tribulations he has faced along the way. This journey will leave us hanging onto our seats as it is congruent with riding a rollercoaster.

From the very beginning, Anthony R. Candela’s life was marked by challenges – some of which were out of his control. For instance, his poor eyesight hindered his ability to see the world around him, and over time, it slowly deteriorated, leading to complete blindness. Despite this, Anthony refused to let his disability define him. Instead, he chose to pursue his passion for athletics and academics, becoming a scholar-athlete. Through his dedication and hard work, he overcame the obstacles that threatened to hold him back. 

This exhibits that anything is possible when you are passionate about something. The only thing that can limit you is your mind. When you believe you can accomplish and succeed, you will indeed. No one stands in your way but yourself.

This memoir conveys that life does not always follow a prescribed course in any environment. As humans, we are all flawed in some way or another, including people with disabilities. Despite being seen as exceptional beings, they should be recognized as ordinary individuals. They, too, encounter challenges in their daily lives, just like anyone else, and may struggle to navigate through them.

Regardless of imperfections and differences, we are all human beings with the same inherent worth and dignity. When each day comes to a close, we should remember that we all share the same basic needs, hopes, and dreams, and we should strive to treat one another with kindness, respect, and empathy.

Furthermore, this memoir reminds us that life is an unpredictable journey full of unexpected twists and turns. The author’s personal experiences vividly illustrate that one’s surroundings do not necessarily dictate the course of one’s life. Instead, it is the choices we make and the actions we take that ultimately shape our destiny.

It also provides compelling insight into human imperfection. The author also draws attention to the fact that people with disabilities, who are often seen as somehow superhuman, should be viewed through a more realistic lens—that of regular people who also have their fair share of imperfections. Like the rest of us, they, too, struggle to navigate through life with all its ups and downs.

As you delve into the pages of this story, you will gain a profound insight into the different ways people face and overcome challenges. You will realize that we all can either rise up and confront our problems or withdraw and retreat. The story narrated in this book will evoke a range of emotions within you, from genuine laughter to tears of both sorrow and joy. It will leave you with a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of life and the reasons behind the events that shape our existence.

Ultimately, this memoir guides us into a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly human, delving into the intricacies of the human experience.

If you want to delve into the remarkable life of Anthony R. Candela, we highly recommend grabbing a copy of his inspiring memoir. To get your hands on this captivating read, simply head over to the author’s website at