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Unlocking a God-centered life is living life with purpose in accordance with God’s will. How do we nurture God-centeredness in our lives?

Often, we get so consumed by worldly desires that we lose grip of what it truly means to live a life with purpose. We end up slipping into a self-centered life, which causes us to stray further from God. In a self-centered life, we live a life seeking acceptance from the world in ways that are selfish and ordinary living. We tend to rely on our own accomplishments and confidence that we forget who’s behind these successes.

Self-centeredness paves the way for sin, and the essence of sin is rooted in evil. That is why we should turn away from a self-centered life and start unlocking a God-centered life instead.

To be God-centered, we find that the pursuit of God is life’s greatest purpose. To live a life with purpose means unlocking a God-centered life where we focus more on devoting our lives to God and becoming more like Him, humble and righteous. We seek God’s perspective in all circumstances as we fully depend on His provision and power.

A God-centered life provides us with a purpose to love God and love others. In our journey in life, we choose to walk in faith as we obey His word, centering our direction toward Him and no longer fixating on ourselves. Thus letting go of self-centeredness.

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Ways to Nurture a God-Centered Life

Spend time in Prayer

Prayer is a powerful tool that we can employ from the heart. It is a way for us to communicate with God. Moreover, spending praying throughout the day allows us to embrace life with God as we always carry His presence with us. Because of this, we grow closer to Him through prayer, cultivating our connection and relationship.

Ultimately, when we pray, we remember God. In fact, it is a testament to our value of His presence and unwavering love for us. Hence, we are embracing a God-centered life through prayer.

Involve God in Your Daily Life

When we involve God in our daily lives, we are constantly reminded of His presence. This signifies our wholehearted acceptance of Him as our unwavering companion throughout life’s journey. This God-centered practice also makes life easier because we are reminded that we are not alone. We have this sense of comfort and security as we navigate the uncertainties and adversities in life. As long as God accompanies us, we are capable of everything.

Foster Positive Relationships

A God-centered life also means we love. To love God is to love our brothers and sisters as well. We are encouraged to foster relationships that are engulfed in positivity. This includes being at peace with everyone and loving our enemies.

Ultimately, every person that we come across in our lives is deserving of goodness. Simply treating other people with kindness is an act of God-centeredness. Even though the treatment is unreciprocated, we are still reminded to show love and humility—to act and think like God.

Establish a Healthy Self-Care Routine

It is also important to engage in self-care practices as they are vital to our growth as followers of God. We must commit to a healthy lifestyle and improve our overall well-being. This approach can help us better serve God and embrace a God-centered life.

Be an Instrument of God

As believers, we are called to be instruments of God’s love and compassion in the world. This means we are entrusted with being good stewards of God’s blessings. We are encouraged to show love and kindness to others, following His divine will.

It is essential to use the resources and talents that God has given us in a thoughtful and purposeful manner, always seeking to bring honor and glory to Him. Our gifts should be utilized to selflessly serve others, demonstrating our unwavering faith in God’s plan.

Coming Together as One

Living a God-centered life is a collective journey that calls for unity and collaboration. God invites us to come together and embrace a life centered on Him. As believers, we are urged to live with God at the forefront of our minds, hearts, and souls. Ultimately, coming together as one is a foundational aspect of living a faith-centered life. It is essential that we view the world through a collective lens, seeing it as God sees it.